Teemore Take on Total Dairy


The Total Dairy Event, a pivotal gathering for dairy industry professionals, is on the horizon, and Teemore Engineering is proudly taking the spotlight as the Platinum Sponsor. This prestigious event is scheduled to unfold at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Stratford upon Avon on November 8th and 9th.

One of the keynote presentations that promises to draw the attention of dairy enthusiasts and experts alike is “Investing in Calf Housing for the Future” by Jamie Robertson, a distinguished figure from the University of Aberdeen. Robertson’s talk will delve into the transformative potential of modern calf housing practices for the dairy industry. Attendees can expect to gain profound insights into how strategic investments today can shape the future of dairy farming.

Another critical presentation will be delivered by Jean-Vincent Bioret, the CEO of Bioret Agri. His talk, titled “The Hidden Costs of Heat Stress,” aims to uncover the often-overlooked impacts of heat stress on dairy cattle. With the dairy industry’s sustainability and animal welfare at the forefront, Bioret’s presentation will shed light on the strategies and technologies that can mitigate the adverse effects of heat stress, ultimately benefiting both cattle and dairy farm profitability.

Teemore Engineering’s team of experts will be a prominent presence throughout the event, providing invaluable industry insights and expertise. They will be readily available to engage with attendees, discuss the future of cow housing in the UK, and share innovative solutions to common challenges faced by dairy farmers.

One such challenge is the pressing concern of ammonia emissions within modern dairy farming. Teemore Engineering will emphasise the pivotal role of rubber flooring in mitigating ammonia levels. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn about sustainable solutions that can enhance cow comfort and simultaneously reduce the environmental footprint of the dairy industry.

The Total Dairy Event serves as a vital platform for dairy professionals, researchers, and enthusiasts to come together, exchange knowledge, and explore the latest advancements in the dairy farming sector. It provides a unique opportunity for networking, gaining insights, and fostering collaborations within the industry.

Teemore Engineering’s Platinum Sponsorship highlights its unwavering dedication to advancing sustainability and innovation within the dairy sector. The event is anticipated to leave an indelible mark on how the dairy industry approaches challenges, embraces innovation, and shapes the future of dairy farming in the UK and beyond.

Attendees at the event will have the exceptional opportunity to step into a virtual world, where they can explore and interact with realistic simulations of a dairy cow shed and calf shed. This immersive experience will provide a firsthand look at innovative cow housing solutions and calf-rearing practices, all from the comfort of the Total Dairy Event venue.

The VR headsets will transport attendees into a dairy farming environment, offering a 360-degree view of modern cow housing facilities and state-of-the-art calf sheds. Users will be able to inspect the design, layout, and equipment utilised in these facilities, gaining a deeper understanding of how these factors impact the well-being of dairy cattle.

This innovative approach allows attendees to virtually walk through these sheds, providing a unique and educational perspective on the latest advancements in dairy housing. Teemore Engineering believes that such immersive experiences are instrumental in showcasing the potential of modern dairy farming practices.

The inclusion of VR technology at the Total Dairy Event reflects Teemore Engineering’s commitment to fostering learning and innovation within the dairy industry. It provides a hands-on, interactive way for attendees to explore and appreciate the company’s dedication to creating sustainable and efficient dairy housing solutions.

For those interested in experiencing these VR simulations and gaining insights into the future of dairy farming, Teemore Engineering’s booth at the event will be the place to be. Don’t miss this opportunity to step into the future of dairy farming and explore the possibilities that innovative cow-housing and calf-rearing solutions hold for the industry.

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For detailed information about the Total Dairy Event and registration details, please visit the event’s official website https://www.totaldairy.com/ Be a part of this transformative event that is poised to shape the future of dairy farming.