Housing Solutions for Ultimate Calf Comfort

We place a strong emphasis on manufacturing high-quality solutions at Teemore Engineering. Our innovative housing solutions prioritise calf comfort and growth performance. Our range of options, including feeding, hutches and ventilation, are customized to meet your particular needs. Discover how our superior designs and expert construction can elevate calf welfare and boost your profitability.

Calf Building Essentials

Get essential calf housing solutions for optimal calf comfort and health.


Maximize calf growth with our premium calf feeding solutions.

Indoor Calf Rearing Pens

Premium indoor calf rearing enclosures for maximum calf growth and wellbeing.

Calf Hutches

Find quality calf hutches for the ideal environment for calf rearing.


Ensure optimal calf health with our quality calf ventilation systems.

Why choose Teemore Engineering for your Calf Equipment?

  • Animal protection and comfort

  • Designed to be easy to use

  • Flexible and adjustable products

  • Bespoke designs to suit your needs

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