Up and Over Gate

The Teemore Up and Over gate is a fully balanced rotating gate positioned between two posts, ideal for those areas where a swinging gate is not an option.

  • 3 Bar Gate
  • Counter balanced weight
  • Rotating on 2 axis brackets


Up and over gates can be useful in situations where ground clearance is limited or where snow or debris may accumulate in front of a gate

The up and over gate is a 3-bar dividing gate with a counterbalance weight, positioned between two posts or walls and can swing up out of the way. The gate can rotate 360 degrees on 2 pivot brackets and can be secured in either closed down or open up positions. The Gate is telescopic meaning they can be fitted to suit any opening between 2-6 metres. The gate is a modular design which allows the customer to set the height and clearance under the gate to suit their specific needs.


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Code Description
UP1038 Post with brackets
UP1040 Wall bracket – RSJ
UP1042 114 Latch strap
UP1044 114 Pivot strap Code Description
UP1058 7′-11′ Weight (pair)
UP1060 11′-19′ Weight (pair)
UP1052 7′-11′ Up and over (middle part)
UP1054 11′-15′ Up and over (middle part)
UP1056 15′-19′ Up and over (middle part)
UP1050 Pair of gate ends c/w brackets


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The up and over gate is extremely easy to use. It is secured in place using a pin and chain method, once removed the gate can be easily rotated 360 degrees.
The gate can be secured using the pin and chains in the open position, this means the divider sits above head level and out of the way.
The up and over gate is made from 60mm steel, making it heavy duty and durable. This ensures the gate can withstand any pressure put on it by the cows.
The up and over gate offers 1 metre of extension with each size. This means the gate can be used to cover gaps of any width from 2.1m to 4.5m.


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Find answers to common questions

Does this gate affect the effectiveness of robotic scraper/ machine scrapers?
The posts which hold the gate in place can be fixed on top of the cubicle bed. This prevents the posts from interrupting scraping.
Can the gate be mounted of the shed posts or walls?
Yes, they can, provided they are tall enough for the pivot brackets.
How is it secured in place?
The gate is secured in place using a pin and chain method.
Are they in stock?
Teemore carry a large stock both in the UK and Ireland.
Where can I get a price?
For prices, please contact our offices on +44 (0) 28 677 48377.
Where can I purchase these?
You can purchase these directly from Teemore by contacting a sales rep.
Do you offer delivery?
Yes. Teemore offer a delivery service over the UK and Ireland. For smaller orders there may be a small delivery charge depending on your location.

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