Universal Hoof Tech Crush

This hoof trimming crush is fitted with the universal crush gate & wopa winches for ease of use when working with larger numbers of cattle.

  • Standard with Universal Head Gate
  • Spring loaded side gates for ease of access to front hooves
  • Front hoof block fitted with ratchet winch for ease of use when lifting and lowering of livestock
  • Non slip checker plate floor
  • Geared ratchet winches for secure, controlled lifting and lowering of livestock


It features a durable construction with a galvanized finish for long-lasting performance and easy cleaning

The Nugent Universal Hoof Tech is designed by professional hoof-care experts to reduce stress on livestock during the hoof-trimming process by ensuring secure restraints and controlled lifting and lowering of the animal. The lift can be easily adjusted to different heights to accommodate animals of different sizes and weights.The Hoof Tech also features a unique cradle design that securely holds the cow’s leg in place during trimming or maintenance, helping to prevent injury to the animal and the operator. The cradle is adjustable and can be moved to different positions to accommodate different angles and positions. Crush is portable meaning it can be transported to out farms easily.


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Code Description
CR0026 Universal hoof pairing crush
CR0027 Hoof trimmer read rump bar


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Universal head locking gate with dual handles on both sides allows animals to be released forward and back.
Spring loaded side gates to allow speedy front hoof access.
Double strap extended hoof block fitted with ratchet winch for safe, fast restraint.
Roller bearings to aid in the ease of lifting and Steel checker floor as standard.


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