Teemore Calf Pen

Teemore’s economic cost-effective calf penning is constructed from a heavy-duty galvanised steel frame and sheeted with non-corrosive stock board.

  • Galvanised steel frame
  • Sheeted with plastic stock board for durability & easy clean
  • Kit includes two bucket rings and buckets, teat buckets are optional
  • Plastic or wooden floor available
  • Can be installed stand alone or connected onto a wall


At Teemore Engineering, we only offer solutions that are designed to last.

Teemore’s calf pens are ideal for large numbers of calves due to their ease of setting up and minimal space required, whilst still looking out for the calf’s needs. These pens are recommended for the first 8 weeks of a calf’s life to allow for healthy start. The steel frame is galvanised which ensures its longevity and durability. stock board is used to provide a solid surface, which can be easily cleaned – this means there is a reduction in the bacteria present. The same applies to the floor which are plastic slats, these aid draining, keeping bedding dryer for longer. This calf pen includes two bucket rings and buckets.

Option of installing stand alone or can be fixed to the wall


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Code Description
TE0056 Side Panel (1.5mtr)
TE0057 From Section c/w 2 bucket rings 2 buckets and 2 pins
TE0058 Back Section c/w 2 pins
TE0059 Timber Slat Kit
TE0060 Plastic Slat Kit
TE0061 Calf Pen Wall Bracket
TE0062 Calf Pen Slat Wall Bracket


Length Width Height
150cm 85cm 127cm


Explore the unique advantages our products provide.

The use of plastic ensures the pen can be thoroughly cleaned. This reduces the level of bacteria which is present therefore improving calf health.
The use of plastic slats also reduces the presence of bacteria, but also allows for urine to drain, reducing moisture levels within the pen and improving your calf’s lung health.
Steel frame is galvanised, guaranteeing longevity and durability.
Includes two bucket rings and buckets which can be used for water and meal.


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