Teemore Bungee Gate

Single rail spring loaded gate, ideal for dividing or directing dairy cows at the end of passageways where often a swinging gate is not an option.

  • 360-degree rotation
  • Fully extendable to suit more than on opening
  • Bolt down post
  • Option to close with flat hanger


Designed and Manufactured by Teemore Engineering, our Teemore Bungee Gate are designed to last.

The Bungee gate was a unique design introduced by Teemore engineering, providing a space saving way of ensuring cows are kept where they should be. This gate can rotate 360 degrees while extending to meet various lengths and then lifted out of the way when not in use. The Bungee gate is spring loaded, which makes lifting the gate an easy task. Made from 76mm tube and a telescope 60mm insert ensures the Bungee gate is extremely durable for being a one bar gate.


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Code Size (metres)
TE8140 2m – 3m
TE8142 3m – 5m
TE8144 5m – 7m


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The bungee gate allows the farmer to rotate it 360 degrees enabling for latching at multiple points. Useful in cubicle sheds where you may wish to direct cows to different places, I.e., outside, or towards the parlour waiting area.
The bungee gate is extendable by 1 metre. This allows for the bungee gate to cover gaps which may different is width.
The bungee gate is useful in a dairy house thanks to its heavy-duty design. This makes it ideal for closing off sections within the shed.
The bungee gate is spring loaded to ensure it lifts out of the way of machinery.


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Find answers to common questions

Can you secure this in different positions?
Our Bungee gate has been designed to enable 360-degree rotation; this allows for the gate to be used in many different situations to direct cows where necessary. The gate is also extendable, making it adaptable to many different situations.
What is it made from?
The Bungee gate is made from 76mm tube, ensuring great strength. A spring is used to ensure the gate springs up out of the way when released – keeping it out of the way of machinery.
Can it be used with Beef or young dairy cattle?
We do not recommend this gate for beef or young dairy cattle as it’s a single bar option. This gate is designed specifically for directing dairy cows when cleaning or at milking times.
Are they in stock?
Teemore carry a large stock both in the UK and Ireland.
Where can I get a price?
For prices, please contact our offices on +44 (0) 28 677 48377.
Where can I purchase these?
You can purchase these directly from Teemore by contacting a sales.
Do you offer delivery?
Yes. Teemore offer a delivery service over the UK and Ireland. For smaller orders there may be a small delivery charge depending on your location.

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