Super Loop Plus Cow Cubicles

Super loop plus cubicles is a higher neck rail version of the super loop. High neck rail cubicles offer greater access into the cubicles allowing the cow to stand up on all 4 feet prior to lying down, reducing the stress on the cow’s hind legs. Compatible with zig-zag neck rail if desired.

  • 1250mm head rail height
  • Heavy duty tube
  • Anti-corrosion sleeve on post
  • 3 U Bolt head rail bracket
  • Normal spacing 1150mm


The Superloop Plus cow cubicle is an advanced version of the Superloop cow cubicle, designed to provide even greater comfort and safety for dairy cows

The Super loop plus cubicle is a 1250mm head rail height cubicle designed to suit larger dairy cows. High neck rail cubicles offer easier access into the cubicles allowing the cow to stand up on all 4 feet prior to lying down, reducing the stress on the hind legs. The Super loop Plus cubicle is made from 60mm tube ensuring high quality and durability. They can be installed using either single post system or post and rail with the option of straight and zigzag head rail. An extra single rail can also be added to the posts to prevent smaller cows attempting to walk through these larger open cubicles.


Each cubicle has several mounting options, to suit your specific needs.
Mounting Options
Single Post System
Post & Rail System


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The super loop plus is identical to our Super Loop Cubicle but has been designed with larger cows in mind. Ensures the cow can rise from the bed with ease due to design aiding extra lunging space.
Headrail height sits at 50”, ensuring our cubicle can be adapted to any size or breed of cow.
Teemore offer both straight and zigzag neck rail. The zigzag neck rail worked harder to align the cow in the middle of the cubicle.
The super loop plus cow cubicle is manufactured from heavy duty steel. This ensures our cubicles will last and endure the wear and tear of being in a cow shed environment.


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Find answers to common questions

What length are these cubicles?
Cubicle lengths are made to suit the length of your cow bed. It is important that to know this before purchasing any cubicles as it will impact on the overall performance of your cubicles.
What width Should my cow cubicles be?
Cubicles have typically been installed at 1143mm (3’9”) however there is a trend to install slightly wider stalls up to 1220mm (4’) for extra comfort.
What height are these cubicles?
The cubicle loop itself is 1000mm deep, we recommend installing the loop 250mm above the cubicle bed to ensure the correct lying position and lunging space for your cow. This gives a headrail height of 1250mm.
What length should the bed be?
The length of your cubicle bed all depends on the breed and size of cow however for large Holstein cows 3000mm single row cubicles and 5000mm head to heads give the cow adequate lunging room.

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