Stainless Steel Fast Empty

The stainless steel fast empty drinker is a non-corrosive option to ensure a cleaner more hygienic water supply for your cows.

  • Stainless steel with large 76mm empty valve
  • Tapered towards the valve to help flush/wash out the drinker when emptying
  • Adjustable legs to allow correct height positioning
  • Wall mounting brackets available
  • Fast access ball valve lid


Stainless steel is a durable and corrosion-resistant metal that is easy to clean and maintain, making it a popular choice for applications where hygiene and durability are important

Our Stainless Steel fast-empty drinker is ideal for dairy houses with its fast flow valve. The fast-empty drinker is designed to ensure cleaner drinker water for your cows. The drinker ranges in sizes from 1mtr – 5mtr, ensuring suitability to all cow buildings. The drinker is tapered towards the empty valve to help flush out the drinker when emptying – this also ensuring any debris empty’s out as well. The handle for the empty valve is situated on the bottom of the drinker and is opened using a squeeze handle – this prevents cows from opening it themselves. The drinker can either be fitted with adjustable legs, or bolted to the wall to word better with automatic/robotic scraping.


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Code Description
DRS012 1 mtr
DRS014 2 mtr
DRS016 2.4 mtr
DRS018 3 mtr
DRS020 4 mtr
DRS022 Stainless steel legs
DRS023 Kit – Stainless bolt to wall


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The stainless steel fast empty drinker has been designed to aid fast flow of water towards the emptying valve. This reduces the amount of time required for the drinker to empty, therefore reducing the time required to clean the drinker.
The squeeze handle of the empty valve of the drinker ensures it cannot be easily opened by any animals, ensuring ideal use within the cow house.
The stainless steel fast empty drinker can be a standalone item, or it can be bolted to the wall, which is ideal when using robotic scrapers.


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