Single Pipe Neck & Rail Spacer Bracket

Heavy duty single pipe feeding system. This cost-effective feeding option is commonly used in dairy cow housing. The 100mm space bracket is designed to push the rail away from the cow, reducing contact and allowing further reach.

  • Heavy duty galvanised pipe 90mm and 114mm
  • C/w threaded ends to allow joining at any point
  • Continuous system
  • 100mm feed rail spacer brackets available to match
  • Adjustable single pipe feed gate available on request


A simple and cost-effective way to decrease wasted feed and increase feeding efficiency.

The single pipe neck rail is ideal for use in dairy sheds to allow for a greater number of cows to access feed. With either the option of 90mm pipe or 114mm pipe, it is guaranteed the neck rail is fit for purpose and highly durable. The pipes come in 6mtr lengths, which can be connected together using a tube joining coupling. Feed-rail spacer brackets are available, which allow for 100mm extra feed reach. The spacer brackets can be used in conjunction with either the 90mm or 114mm pipes. This universal spacer brackets can also easily fit to RSJ’s ,114mm posts, 101mm posts, and various box posts.


The neck rail is typically positioned at the height of the cow’s shoulder and is designed to provide a comfortable resting place for the cow’s neck while still keeping its head in the proper position for feeding.
Code Description
TE8077 Galvanised tube 90mm x 4mm x 6mtr
TE8078 Galvanised tube 114mm x 4mm x 6mtr
TE8066 100mm Universal feed rail spacer bracket
TE8067 100mm Square box ubolt & nuts
TE8068 120mm Square box ubolt & nuts
TE8069 90mm Ubolt & nuts
TE8070 114mm Ubolt & nuts
TE2100 M12 x 40 Bolt & nut


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Manufactured from Heavy duty steel, the 90mm/114mm pipe is ideal for use as a feed barrier for allowing cows to feed whilst ensuring they stay secured in the cattle shed.
Ends of the pipe are threaded to allow multiple lengths to be joined using the joiner couplings ensuring the barrier remain fully intact.
Spacer brackets allows for extra feed reach beyond the end of the slats. This supports cows natural lunging urges when feeding and ensures maximum reach is enabled.
This system is extremely versatile. The 114/90mm can be fitted to RSJ, flat, round and octagonal posts.


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The most robust option is a concrete wall however wooden planks are also used.
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Teemore carry a large stock both in the UK and Ireland.
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