Post & Panel System

The post and panel option offers a strong flexible crush, with excellent access to allow animals out at any point in the race. Ideal for drafting or releasing a down animal.

  • Heavy duty 101mm or 140mm octagonal posts
  • Post sockets available
  • 60mm heavy duty telescopic or fixed panels
  • Allows excellent access with opening panels
  • Post and lug design


These systems are made up of a series of steel posts and panels that can be arranged and connected in various configurations to suit the specific needs and requirements of the farm

Post and panel systems are ideal for allowing unlimited access to the handling system. Using a post and lug system ensures the handling system are easy to use and secure. With the ability to add fixed panels as well as telescopic panels and spring latch gates, this option allows for the greatest level of customisation. The post and panel system can easily be paired with any of our crush items, including forcing pens and portable crushes. Ability to add a curved race to the system to aid cattle stress levels.


Explore the unique advantages our products provide.

Post and panel systems give the greatest level of access to the handling facility for the farmer.
The panels used are exceptionally durable and designed specifically for use in areas where pressure is high.
The use of octagonal posts ensures the post and panels cannot rotate once positioned.
Teemore can customise your post and panel system to suit your facility, ensuring the farmer gets exactly what he envisioned or better.


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