Octagonal Post – 101mm

This is a unique Jourdain 101mm and 140mm octagonal stock friendly octagonal post. The patented 8-sided shape eliminates the chance of rotating when either set in a socket or concrete. The post can be paired with a post socket to allow for post to be moved easily.


The first Octagonal post on the market to prevent the rotation within the socket or concrete.

This is a unique octagonal stock friendly post. The patented 8-sided shape eliminates the chance of rotating when either set in socket or concrete. This post can be used to hang Jourdain gates up to four metres in length when set into concrete. The octagonal post can also be used as a latching post and put into a socket so it can be removed.

For areas where there will be a lot of manure and silage build up, we recommend doubling up the post sockets to create a guard for the bottom of the post. This will assist with product longevity as the plastic isn’t affected by the acids in the slurry and silage.


Each gate comes in two parts, the gate back and the gate ends. For the gate back you can choose a Standard Back or Drinker Back.

101mm Post

Code Description
Tr2130 2.13 metre plain post
Tr2430 2.43 metre plain post
Tr2730 2.73 metre plain post
Tr1680 Plain Post with Plate 1.68m
Tr2131 1 direction post
Tr2132 2 direction post
Tr2133 3 direction post
Tr2134 4 direction post
Tr2135 2 direction corner post
TR1680 Bolt down plain post

140mm Post

Code Description
TR2170 Plain Post
TR2171 140 1 Direction Post
TR2172 140 2 Direction Post
TR2173 140 3 Direction Post
TR2174 140 4 Direction Post
TR2175 140 2 Direction Corner Post


Explore the unique advantages our products provide.

Eight sided posts are stock friendly like a round post. This ensures the animal cannot be injured by the post.
These posts won’t rotate in the ground like a box post due to its 8-sided nature.
Special Post sockets can be used where posts need to be removed – useful for handing systems and sheds to join to gates.
A second socket can protect post from slurry and silage acids.


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