Milky Gate

The Jourdain milky gate is a three-bar gate designed specifically for use in cubicle sheds. These work well with robotic scrapers as they give sufficient clearance under the gate.

  • Telescopic to suit various sizes
  • 3 bar sufficient to divide animals permanently
  • Allows robotic scrapers to pass under neath
  • Single Autolock latch
  • Can also use a chain for securing


Its sturdy construction, ease of use, and cow-friendly design make it a popular choice among dairy farmers looking to improve the efficiency and safety of their milking operations

The Jourdain three-bar telescopic gates can cover between 1.1m – 4.8m. These gates are compatible with one-way gates to ensure compatibility with robotic scrapers. The gates are spring latch or chain closure. They come with a slotted triangle welded into the gate to attach a chain which allow you to slide a chain-link into the slot.


To improve cow flow the milky gate can be paired with the one way gate to improve cow flow in the cubicle house

Backs can be paired with one way gates

Code Description
BM0311 Back milky EX3 1.10 – 2.20mtr
BM0312 Back milky EX3 2.20 – 3.50mtr
BM0313 Back milky EX3 3.50 – 4.80mtr

Complete Gate

Code Description
BM0316 Milky EX3 1.10 – 2.20mtr
BM0317 Milky EX3 2.20 – 3.50mtr
BM0318 Milky EX3 3.50 – 4.80mtr


Explore the unique advantages our products provide.

The milky gate is the best option is long for an extreme heavy-duty gate which works alongside robotic scrapers as it still allows enough room for it to pass underneath.
The milky gate backs can be paired with our one-way gate end to allows for greater cow whilst using robotic scrapers.
The milky gate offers just over 1 metre of extension, meaning it can be adjusted to any width, as well as cover more than one gap.
The milky gate has a spring latch as well as a chain and latch system. This allows for the gate to be secured in various ways.


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