Magellan – 16mm

The Magellan 16mmis the ideal product where manual cleaning by hang scraper or volume washer is needed, such as collecting yards and around robotic milkers.

  • 16mm seamless rubber flooring made to measure
  • Built in drainage grooves for quick exit of urine
  • High levels of grip due to is profiled surface
  • Allows cows to easily maneuvere around the cow house
  • 10 years warranty


Cow grip is crucial in a cow house to prevent slips and injuries, ensuring cow safety and comfort

The 16mm Magellan ensures grip in areas where cows are most vulnerable to slips and falls. High stability and optimal hygienic conditions are a must in these areas, Magellan 16mm ensures both criteria are met. The profiled surface structure reduces the risk of slipping to a minimum. The drainage grooves continuously drain away all liquids from the hooves. In addition, the floor is very easy to clean with a manual scraper of pressure washer.


Explore the unique advantages our products provide.

Grooves allowing continuous evacuation of liquids toward the collection facilities, reducing humidity levels surrounding the hooves
Effective against hoof pathologies such as digital dermatitis and foot lesions
Strong textile inlay, ensuring long lasting finish and durability
Gives cows more confidence in their environment. This can allow for heats to be easily detected


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