Louisiane Mattress

This high-density butyl rubber mattress system offers a robust yet comfortable mattress when covered with our new generation top cover. This resin bound rubber underlayment guarantees a stable and consistently level easy clean surface.

  • Exceptional longevity
  • Prefabricated plate of butyl rubber resin bound together
  • Covered with new generation top cover
  • Density 600kg/m3
  • 40mm thickness with cover


Made from a combination of foam and rubber materials, which work together to provide cushioning and shock absorption for the cow’s joints and spine

This high-density butyl rubber mattress system offers a robust, yet comfortable, 40mm mattress when covered with our new generation top cover – providing a peach skin finish which is non-abrasive on the cow. This resin bound, recycled rubber underlay guarantees a consistently level, stable, easy clean surface. The rubber is wrapped with polythene to protect it from humidity, and maintain longevity. The mattress is secured to the cubicle bed using plastic strips and stainless-steel fixings. This product comes with a 12-year guarantee.


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Thickness Length Depth
40 mm Cut to length of cubicle run 1700 mm


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The Louisianne mattress is made from recycled rubber Butyl rubber. This ensures the product is extremely long lasting and comfortable for the cow.
The mattress system is continuous meaning there is no risk of catching a corner of a matt whist cleaning out the shed.
The top cover is a peach skin finish; this ensures the cows skin is always protected from abrasion on the cubicle beds.
The mattress is super easy to clean and is completely waterproof, making it ideal for a farm environment.


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