Jourdain Feston Headlock

The Feston headlock is constructed from 60mm tube welded to 76mm beam, ensuring durability when dealing with heavier cattle. This headlock is perfect for horned cattle as it allows them to access the feed through the barrier without getting trapped.

  • Bottom locking
  • 60mm tube
  • Angled corners
  • 3m – 6m


The bars are spaced apart to allow the animals to reach their feed but also prevent them from getting their heads stuck or reaching into neighboring feed space

Constructed in 60 mm tube welded to a Ø 76mm octagonal beam. Feston headlock barrier is perfect for animals with large horns. The barrier is bottom locking to avoid the horns interfering with the locking mechanism. The Ø 60 mm tube arms are sized to allow the animal to feed without stress and reinforced to prevent damage. Corners are angled to allow easy access for heifers. A headguard is situated along the bottom to ensure heifers/calves don’t trap their head. In total the barrier is 950mm tall and hanging points are 540mm apart. Comes in sizes ranging from 3mtr to 6mtr.


It is important to consider the size and breed of your livestock when determining the appropriate height for the barrier
Code Space / Size
PF0430 Self locking Feston 4sp/3mtr
PF0540 Self locking Feston 5sp/4mtr
PF0650 Self locking Feston 6sp/5mtr
PF0750 Self locking Feston 7sp/5mtr
PF0860 Self locking Feston 8sp/6mtr


Explore the unique advantages our products provide.

Designed specifically for horned cattle to ensure the headlock won’t disrupt feeding or prevent the animal from feeding due to its horns.
Reinforced 60mm tube ensuring top quality, an important factor when dealing with heavier stock, the hot dipped galvanised finish also ensure the best possible quality.
Silent locking mechanism. This reduces noise pollution on the farm which therefore improves the barn environment by providing a calming environment for the cattle.
Angled corners to ensure easy access for heifers who are shorted than fully grown cows. The angle ensures the heifers can lift their head into the slot without harming themselves.


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Find answers to common questions

Why is this headlock barrier considered suitable for animals with large horns?
The Feston Headlock Barrier is designed with a Ø 60 mm tube bottom locking mechanism to prevent interference with the horns, making it ideal for animals with large horns.
How does the barrier ensure stress-free feeding for animals?
The Ø 60 mm tube arms are sized to allow animals to feed without stress, providing a comfortable and unobstructed feeding experience.
Why are the corners of the headlock barrier angled, and how does it benefit heifers?
The corners of the headlock barrier are angled to allow easy access for heifers, facilitating a smooth and stress-free approach to the feeding area.
What is the purpose of the headguard along the bottom of the barrier?
The headguard along the bottom of the barrier is positioned to ensure heifers/calves don’t trap their heads, enhancing the safety of the feeding environment.
How tall is the Feston Headlock Barrier?
The barrier stands at a total height of 950mm, providing adequate confinement for the animals.
Is the Feston Headlock Barrier suitable for both heifers and calves?
Yes, the Feston Headlock Barrier is designed to accommodate both heifers and calves, offering a versatile solution for various stages of livestock growth.
What is the best option for underneath?
The most robust option is a concrete wall however wooden planks are also used.
Are they in stock?
Teemore prides itself on its extensive and well-stocked inventory, strategically positioned in both the United Kingdom and Ireland. With a robust supply chain, we ensure ample availability of our products, meeting the demands of our valued customers across these regions. Our commitment to maintaining a large stock allows us to promptly cater to the diverse needs of the agricultural community, providing reliable access to top-quality solutions for livestock management.
What is the lead time?
Allow approximately 6 weeks.
Where can I get a price?
For prices, please contact our offices on +44 (0) 28 677 48377.

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