Jourdain Circular Handling Systems

Range of Jourdain handling system components such as the circular forcing pen, chicane and race.

  • Left- and right-hand forcing pens available
  • Anti return forcing gate ensures a safe working environment for the operator
  • Overall diameter of 5.60 metres
  • Chicane offers option to draft animals
  • Double bend for improved cattle flow


The circular design of the system allows for a continuous flow of animals, reducing the stress on the animals and the handlers

Forcing pens are available for both left- and right-hand systems, incorporating an anti-return forcing gate which ensures a safe working environment for the operator as cattle cannot force their way back. Sides are sheeted to prevent cattle from getting stressed. Smaller gate at race entrance allowing operator to let an animal out of the crush system. Overall, diameter of 5.60metres.

The Jourdain chicane can be incorporated easily with the circular forcing pens. Using the same sheeting to cover the sides ensures cattle stress levels remain low. The chicane easily allows the handler to divide cattle into batches.

The race is also sheeted in the same way as the circular pen. Made up of a 2m section and a 3m section, the race is a 5m in length. Race can incorporate a fold down step to allow easy access for the handler.


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Code Description
CO3140 Fixed race for setting in, length. 5 m, 593 kg(connected to chicane posts)
O3136 Short chicane/ no reverse, anticlockwise, for setting in 496 kg
CO3137 Short chicane/ no reverse, clockwise, for setting in 496 kg
CO3101 1/2 CORRAL handling area, complete, anticlockwise, for setting in V2 968 kg


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The Jourdain system is designed with sheeted sides, this is to aid the reduction of stress, ensuring all animals are easily handled, ensuring the handlers safety.
The anti-return forcing gate allows for the handler to moce the cattle in the direction of the race without hassle.
The Jourdain system comes with an option chicane, which is used to draft animals. This is beneficial when separating large groups of cattle.
The race has an optional fold down step, this is to ensure easy access to the top of cattle in the race, useful for when dosing.


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