Herringbone Crush

Ideal system for parlour exits. Perfect for AI and scanning. TB test, etc. As standard this system is 10metres long and 1.5m wide.

  • Fit up to ten cattle
  • Made from tubular steel
  • 1000mm x 1495mm
  • Full access to the animal


The Teemore herringbone crush is a sturdy and durable option for dairy farmers, designed to withstand heavy use and provide efficient handling of cows

This design holds ten cattle, making it ideal when batch AI’ing, as it allows larger numbers of animals to be handled in a short space of time, and when a vet is involved, this could be a huge cost saving. The herringbone system causes less stress on an animal compared to a standard crush and race. This in turn increases the likelihood of successful insemination. The herringbone design sufficiently allows access to the animal from all sides. Teemore provide the herringbone crush fully galvanised and provide a backing bar to ensure cows are secure tight to prevent any sudden movements.


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Width Length Extended length
1495mm 10,000mm 1000mm
Item No Part Number Quantity
1 CRH006 – Front intermediate post 4
2 CRH005 – Back intermediate post 4
3 60mm Rail 2
4 48mm Rail 3
5 76mm Rail 1 2
6 76mm Rail 2 3
7 CRH008 – Brisket rail bracket 4
8 CRH009 – Brisket rail bracket 2
9 114mm U-Bolt + nuts 12
10  60mm Brisket rail 1
11 Standard eyebolt 2
12 60x60mm Claw clamp 4
13  CRH010- RH non return bar 1
14  CRH014 – Front Latching post 1
15 CRH002 – Front hanging post 1
16 CRH004 – Back Latching post 1
17 CRH003 – Back hanging post 1
18 114mm plain strap 8
19 Herringbone crush gate receiver 4
20 M12X40MM Eng bolt 8


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A herringbone race helps to reduce cattle stress. This can be beneficial during insemination, as stress is a factor that greatly affects conception rates.
It allows for larger numbers of cows to handled in a shorter space of time. Reduced labour plus increased efficiency.
The rail is anti-bruising tubular, ensuring the cow cannot injure herself.
Ideal for use on parlour exits.


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