Hang on Trough

Jourdain’s barrier-mounted trough is a feeding trough that is designed to be mounted on a barrier or fence. It is a popular choice for use in livestock feeding applications, as it provides a safe and efficient way to feed animals.

  • Fully galvanised
  • Fits all 4 and 5 bar gates
  • Safety edges folded for stock protection
  • Easily mounted using 2 pins
  • 1500mm x 410mm, with a depth of 240mm; 2mm sheeting


It is made of heavy-duty, galvanized steel, which makes it durable, resistant to rust and corrosion, and easy to clean

The calf trough is made of heavy-duty, galvanized steel, which makes it durable, resistant to rust and corrosion, and easy to clean. It is designed with rounded edges and corners to prevent injury to calves and to make it easy to clean.

This trough is designed with 4-6 feeding spaces, allowing multiple calves to feed at once. The length of the trough ranges from 1.77-2.68m, providing ample feeding space for the calves. The opening end allows for easy access to fill the trough with feed and to clean it out when necessary.

The trough is also designed with a sloping bottom to ensure that feed is dispensed evenly and that the trough remains clean and dry.

Installation of the Jourdain Calf Trough is easy, as it can be mounted to a feeding barrier or gate using brackets. This allows the trough to be mounted at a comfortable height for the calves to access while minimizing the risk of waste or spillage.

Overall, the Jourdain Calf Trough is a high-quality feeding trough that is designed to provide a safe and efficient feeding solution for multiple calves at once.


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Metal Trough with Cleaning Hatch

Code Space Size (metres)
VE2424 4 2.12
VE2425 5 2.22
VE2426 6 2.68

Bucket Holder Frame

Code Space Size (metres)
VE1414 4 2.12 (Bucket Ø 28.5cm)
VE1415 5 2.22 (Bucket Ø 28.5cm)
VE1416 6 2.68 (Bucket Ø 28.5cm)
Code Description
VE3015 Pair of fittings for adaption of calf trough on a barrier


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The edges of the hang on trough have been folded back to prevent stock from being injured.
The feeder hangs off the gate at an angle allow a visual for the calves/cattle and to aid feeding.
Fits all 4,5 and 7 bar gates allowing it to be used anywhere.
The trough is easily hung and secured to any gate using brackets. This means the trough cannot be knocked off.


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