Hang on Gate Creep Feeder

This popular, fully galvanised, hang on bird proof feeder is ideal for in house feeding. Allows for adjustable meal flow with a 75kg capacity.

  • Fully galvanised
  • 75kg capacity
  • Bird flaps
  • Adjustable meal flow
  • Lid can be hinged from either side for ease of filling


The Jourdain Hang On Gate Feeder is a feeding trough designed to be hung on a gate or fence, providing a convenient feeding solution for a range of livestock

This Jourdain hang on gate feeder is ideal for calf and suckler housing. The feeder comes fully galvanised with a 75kg capacity. Bird flaps come as standard to ensure reduced wastage, and adjustable meal flow which allows the farmer to regulate meal intake; this can be done from inside the feed box using the red handle. The lid can be hinged for the back or front to ensure easy filling from the most accessible side. Green plastic neck protectors also come as standard to prevent injury occurring due to rubbing against the metal edge. The product is 1200mm in length, 470mm in depth; and 660mm in height. Product is available in flat pack or can be assembled in advance.


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Application Dimensions Net Weight
Best used in calf housing 1200mm x 470mm x 660mm 65kg


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This feeder is specifically designed for calf and suckler housing, providing an ideal solution for feeding in such environments. Its design takes into consideration the needs and behaviors of calves and suckler cattle, ensuring efficient and safe feeding practices.
The inclusion of bird flaps as a standard feature helps minimise feed wastage. These flaps act as barriers, preventing birds from accessing and scattering the feed. This not only saves on feed costs but also maintains a cleaner and more hygienic feeding area.
The feeder’s adjustable meal flow, controlled by a red handle from inside the feed box, allows farmers to regulate meal intake. This feature provides control over the feeding process, ensuring that animals receive the appropriate amount of feed according to their needs, promoting optimal health and growth.
The hinged lid can be positioned at the back or front, offering flexibility for easy filling from the most accessible side. This design feature streamlines the feeding process for farmers, enhancing convenience and efficiency in managing the feeder.


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Find answers to common questions

Is the Jourdain hang-on gate feeder suitable for both calves and suckler cattle?
Yes, this feeder is specifically designed for calf and suckler housing, making it well-suited for both categories of livestock.
How does the inclusion of bird flaps benefit feed management?
Bird flaps act as barriers to prevent birds from accessing and scattering feed, reducing wastage and maintaining a cleaner feeding environment.
Can farmers regulate meal intake with this feeder?
Yes, the feeder features an adjustable meal flow controlled by a red handle from inside the feed box, allowing farmers to regulate meal intake and ensure optimal feeding practices.
What is the capacity of the feeder?
The Jourdain hang-on gate feeder comes with a 75kg capacity, providing ample space for feed while minimising the need for frequent refilling.
How can the lid be hinged for easy filling?
The lid can be hinged either to the back or front, offering farmers the flexibility to fill the feeder from the most accessible side, simplifying the feeding process.
Are there safety features to protect livestock?
Yes, the feeder includes green plastic neck protectors as standard, designed to prevent injuries that may occur due to rubbing against the metal edge, prioritising the well-being of the animals.
What are the dimensions of the Jourdain hang-on gate feeder?
The feeder is 1200mm in length, 470mm in depth, and 660mm in height, providing a compact yet spacious design suitable for various housing setups.
Are they in stock?
Teemore prides itself on its extensive and well-stocked inventory, strategically positioned in both the United Kingdom and Ireland. With a robust supply chain, we ensure ample availability of our products, meeting the demands of our valued customers across these regions. Our commitment to maintaining a large stock allows us to promptly cater to the diverse needs of the agricultural community, providing reliable access to top-quality solutions for livestock management.
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For prices, please contact our offices on +44 (0) 28 677 48377.
Do you offer delivery?
Teemore extends its convenient delivery service throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland, ensuring accessibility to our quality products right at your doorstep. While larger orders often enjoy complimentary delivery, smaller orders may incur a modest delivery charge, the amount of which depends on your specific location. This approach allows us to cater to the varying needs of our customers, providing a flexible and efficient delivery solution tailored to your order size and geographical location.

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