Goat Headlocks

A quality headlock suitable for use with goats. Up to 6 units can be connected and controlled by a single handle. There is also an optional feed trough available if required, similar to that shown on the free service feed rail and trough.

  • 8 spaces, 2.5 metre lengths
  • Continuous system with posts located to the back of the headlock
  • Optional trough can be mounted on posts
  • Control handle required for a maximum of six sections
  • Headguards to protect from injury


At Teemore Engineering, we only offer solutions that are designed to last.

The Jourdain goat headlock is the ideal solution for feeding and veterinary work. In some instances, these headlocks have been used within a milking setting, proving its adaptability. The headlock is highly durable, with a 42mm frame and 27m locking bar. The locking yoke width sits at 100mm when in locked position. 6 units can be linked together allowing for the syncs release of up to 48 goats with one handle, saving tremendous amounts of time. Posts are located to the back of the headlocks. A feed trough has been designed by Jourdain to specifically work with the headlocks.


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Code Description
CC0825 8 Space 2.5mtr headlock
OV994 76mm x 1.1mtr Boltdown post
OV9912 Control handle
SQ9939 Individual locking pin


Explore the unique advantages our products provide.

Can be used in many different settings, for feeding but also for milking, it can be used to secure animals for procedures.
Silent locking mechanism, reduces noise pollution.
Release 48 goats at once, increasing efficiency.
Option to release individually, if needed to do so.


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