Gallagher Clocks

Gallagher’s weigh-scales for animals are the first on the market to have integrated EID readers that simplify the weighing process and the collection of data from your livestock. In addition, this offers major financial advantages:
– Better prices due to hitting specification: With tighter controls over carcass weights and classification and pressure to lower carcass weights, you need to know the optimum time to send animals off the farm to get the best price/head. Only regular weighing lets you do this.
– Better control of feed costs: If you know how fast animals are growing you can fine-tune the ration to optimise feed efficiency and cut back on the cost/kg of gain.
– More accurate use of medicines: The dosage of many medicines is calculated on livestock weight. If you weigh animals, you reduce the risk of over or under-dosing, ensuring the best response to the treatment and control costs.

  • EID compatible
  • Waterproof design
  • Rechargeable
  • Durable design


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All Gallagher clocks are compatible with EID systems, allowing farmers to track their animals progress easily.
The Gallagher clocks and load cells can be paired with a larger number of systems, including the clipex portable crushes.
The clocks are an excellent option for storing data on weight gains, etc.
The clocks are designed to work within the farm environment meaning they are waterproof and extremely durable.


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