EX5 Calving Gate & Operation Gate

Heavy duty calving yoke incorporated into 5 bar gate. Can be used to divide 2 calving pens with the option of an operation gate on both sides, creating a safe working environment.

  • Quick release anti choke head locking yoke
  • Adjustable collar width
  • Hangers for mountain operation gate
  • Compatible with all 5 bar backs
  • Adjustable eye for levelling


The EX5 calving gate is a reliable and durable option for farmers who are looking to improve their calving process

Heavy duty yoke incorporated into a five-bar gate. This gate can be used to divide to calving pens whilst still allowing use from either side. Operating gate hangers are included for easy installation of the operating gates. The EX5 can be paired with either a five-bar panel or drinker back.


As a general guideline, the gate should be hung so that the top rail is approximately 1.2 to 1.4 meters (4 to 4.6 feet) from the ground. This will allow for easy access to the animal during the calving process, while also providing a secure barrier to prevent the animal from escaping

Standard Back

Code Size (metres)
GA4211 1.58 – 2.58
GA4271 2.48 – 3.48
GA4272 3.48 – 4.48
GA4273 4.48 – 5.48
GA4274 5.48 – 6.48
GA4275 6.48 – 7.48

Drinker Back

Code Size (metres)
GA4291 2.48 – 3.48
GA4292 3.48 – 4.48
GA4293 4.48 – 5.48
GA4294 5.48 – 6.48
*300mm overlap at maximum measurement


Explore the unique advantages our products provide.

The collar width on the headlock can be adjusted due to the incorporation of three collar widths. The bar can easily be moved by pulling down the red plastic part of the straight collar bar.
Access is unrestricted on the operating gate as no bottom bar exists. The bottom panel on the operating gate comes away from the main gate allowing access to the feet and udder.
The head catch is easily operated. As the cow puts its head through the headlock, they will encourage the curved bar to lock in place, the farmer can easily ensure the head catches as the headlock incorporates a string which allows the farmer to pull the headlock closed from behind the cow.
The head locking yoke has incorporated a quick release system. This is important for when a cow falls her head can easily be released, by removing the adjustable bar. This ensures the cow can quickly be released reducing choking risks and therefore reducing trauma on the cow.


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