Elite Sand Cubicles

Elite sand cubicle specifically designed for use with deep bedded systems. With a straight lower leg of the loop forces cow lies straight which in turn promotes cleaner beds. Mounted on a single post system assures an unrestricted lunging area.

  • 1250mm head rail height
  • 60.3mm tube
  • 3 U bolt head rail brackets
  • Normal spacing 1200-1250mm
  • Suited to 2.7 metre beds


We only offer solutions that are designed to last. These cubicles are designed to provide a comfortable and hygienic living environment for the cows

The Elite sand cubicle is made from 60.3mm by 3.65mm thick tube. It is specifically designed for use with deep bedded systems to promote cleaner beds. With the lower section of the cubicle formed straight, this ensures the cow maintains the correct lying position. Mounted on a single post system allows for an unrestricted lunging area, which ensures the cows can easily manoeuvre in and out.


Explore the unique advantages our products provide.

Specifically designed for deep bedded systems, the sand cubicle has a straight bottom bar to support the cow as she lies in the deep sand bedding.
Unrestricted front access for rising and lying, this supports the cow this good posture reducing the risk of hoof problems such as digital dermatitis.
Teemore sand cubicles can be paired with both straight and zigzag neck rail. The zigzag neck rail worked harder to align the cow in the middle of the cubicle.


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Find answers to common questions

What length are these cubicles?
Cubicle lengths are made to suit the length of your cow bed. It is important that to know this before purchasing any cubicles as it will have a dramatic effect of the comfort of your cubicles.
What height are these cubicles?
The cubicle loop itself is 710mm standard, we recommend fixing the cubicle at `410mm above the concrete heel-stone kerb to ensure the correct lying position and lunging space for your cow.
What length should the bed be?
The length of your cow bed all depends a little on the breed and size of the cow. However, for large Holstein type cow single rows can be 3 metres with double row beds at 5 metres.

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