Dumpy Drinker

JFC “Dumpy Tip-over Drinker’ is a 3.5 litre rotating drinker bowl that allows the farmer to empty the bowl by the press of a button, it is operated by gravity and simply uses the weight of the water to swing 180 degrees upside down dumping the entire contents of the drinker on to the ground or slats and in the same action it can swing back locking in the working position again.

  • Manufactured from frost resistant polyethylene
  • Multiple fixing points for easy mounting to wall or bracket
  • Hinged Tipping point
  • Fixed Float Valve JBV1 with no rotating connections
  • Suitable for all housing environments


It features a durable plastic construction and a large capacity bowl that can hold a significant amount of water, reducing the need for frequent refills

The dumpy drinker offers 3.5 litre capacity. The drinker is easily emptied by the press of a button which sets off a mechanism flipping the drinker bowl 180 degrees, ensuring all water can empty out straight away, before swinging back around and locking closed. The drinker is made from frost resistant polythene, ensuring the drinker will continue to perform well even in the cold weather.


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Code Width Depth Height
DR8122 (Drinker) 340mm 230mm 360mm


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The dumpy drinker is easy to clean thanks to the mechanism which dumps the water out before swinging back to the standard position.
Capacity of 3.5 Litres, Drinker fills in under 15 seconds. This ensures cattle will always have great access to water.
Easy to use and clean therefore saving you time.


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