Diagonal Feeder

This Jourdain covered square feeder equipped with the diagonal barrier, reduces feed wastage when feeding bailed hay or silage.

  • Available in 12 spaces
  • Tag safe diagonal barriers
  • Solid floor raised up of ground for easy feed and the reduce feed wastage
  • Complete with roof to protect feed from all weather conditions
  • One side opening for easy fill


Its durable construction, diagonal bars, and easy installation make it a reliable and convenient option for any cattle feeding application.

The diagonal square feeder is ideal for use outside with beef cattle. The fully galvanised feeder comes as a 12 space. A solid floor is raised off the ground for easy feed and to reduce feed wastage. A roof is also incorporated to protect feed from the damp, ensuring it remains full of nutrients and again, does not go to waste. To access the feeder, one side opens to allow any vehicle which has a grab to easily place a bale/grab of hay/silage without hassle. The feeder comes standard with a 3-point linkage to aid movement.


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  • Trough thickness 20/10th reinforced with two large folds, and internal counter folds on the 4 sides (injury prevention).Depth 400 mm. Bale Ø 1.80 m max 300 kg.
  • 1 side with OPENING TROUGH SIDE to ease filling and cleaning.
  • Full corrugated steel roof 2.25 m, thickness 50/100th.
  • Pivoting three-point linkage Ø 102 mm, skids to enable it to be dragged for short distances


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Feed wastage is reduced thanks to the solid floor.
Roof protects feed from weather further preventing waste.
The feeder opens one side allowing for it to be easily filled.
Quick 3-point linkage system.


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