Deluxe SL Calf Hutch

This Canadian designed Agri plastic single calf hutch is designed to accommodate all extreme climatic conditions, from hot summers to cold winters. Built tough enough to handle the most demanding operations, and backed by a 10-year warranty, a calf hutch from Agri-plastics is the number one choice for farmers worldwide.

  • Moulded from heavy gauge plastic
  • Rear 3 in 1 door for bedding and ventilation
  • Top roof vent for improved ventilation
  • Optional left or right-side door
  • 10-year limited warranty


At Teemore Engineering, we only offer solutions that are designed to last.

The SL hutch is used for standard periods of growth 6-8 weeks of age. This calf hutch is immensely popular for when calves are weaned up to 8 weeks of age. The SL calf hutch comes with the option of side or rear feeding using the included manger and two poly buckets. Each unit comes ready to use with top vent, 3-in-1 rear door, bottom air flow vents.

Manger has built in splash guard to prevent cross contamination • White bucket: Calf starter usage will begin in 1-2 days vs. 4 days for black buckets • Comes with 2 rugged poly buckets • Mangers feature bucket stoppers which prevent buckets from getting knocked out • Moulded from super strong, heavy gauge plastic • Completely opaque • Left or Right offset door or full cut out for warmer climates • All doors have a stay open feature that locks into place • Choice of left or right-side door with deluxe models • Includes Top Vent, All-in-1 Rear Door and Bottom Air Flow Vents


Explore the unique advantages our products provide.

Ideal for outdoor housing, as the hutch can create a comfortable environment whilst also allowing optimal levels of fresh air.
Ventilation ridges for airflow, to ensure a constant supply, this will help the calf build strong and healthy lungs.
The manger has a built-in splash guard, this prevent I leakage of water, ensuring moisture is not retained in the hutch.
Completely opaque plastic ensures heat cannot penetrate the hutch, The white finish also reflect heat ensuring the correct environment.


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