Deluxe Cow Cubicles

Deluxe cow cubicles are high neck rail open fronted cow cubicle mounted on a floor bracket maximizing lunging space with no bottom rail. With a 1250mm head rail height makes them the ideal solution for the large modern dairy cows and are compatible with zig-zag neck rail.

  • No lower front rail
  • 1250mm head rail height
  • Heavy duty tube
  • Anti corrosion sleeve on post
  • 3 U bolt head rail brackets


The Deluxe cow cubicle is a high-end cow cubicle designed to provide maximum comfort and safety for dairy cows

This is a floor mounted cubicle design with the aim of having unrestricted lunging space, as it’s a completely open front design. A post it positioned every 4.5m in both the single and head to head rows. Head rail heights is 50” and therefore its recommended to attach an extra rail to the posts lower down to discourage smaller cows from walking through. Cubicle is produced using 60.3mm tube with 3.65mm thickness ensuring great robustness and durability. This cubicle design can be paired with either straight or zig-zag headrail. These are ideal for the modern dairy cow, as the deluxe model ensures there is plenty of room to rise and lie down.


The Deluxe cubicle is a floor mounted system, increasing the free lunging space for the cow
Mounting Options
Floor Mounted System


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The deluxe cow cubicle is manufactured for the cubicle leg to go straight to the ground. This ensures lunging space is significant, and is an extremely useful design for when cubicle beds cannot be lengthened.
Teemore cubicles are made from heavy duty tubular steel. This ensures there is minor risk to them injuring the animal, whilst ensuring the remain lying in the correct position.
Teemore offer both straight and zigzag neck rail. The zigzag neck rail worked harder to align the cow in the middle of the cubicle.
A post it fitted every 4.5 metres. This adds extra stability, ensuring the deluxe cubicles can withstand being in a cow shed environment.


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Find answers to common questions

What length are these cubicles?
Cubicle lengths are made to suit the length of your cow bed. It is important to know this before purchasing any cubicles as it will impact on the overall performance of your cubicles.
What height are these cubicles?
The cubicle loop bolts directly to the cubicle bed. This means from cubicle bed to top of cubicle is 1220 mm.
What length should the bed be?
The length of your cubicle bed all depends on the breed and size of cow however for large Holstein cows 3000mm single row cubicles and 5000mm head to heads give the cow adequate lunging room.

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