Dehorning Crate

The Teemore Engineering crate is designed to make dehorning a simple one-man operation, with both calf and operator safety the number one priority.

  • Ratchet rear rump bar
  • Belly support band
  • Adjustable chin rest
  • Drop downside for greater access
  • Wheels for ease of movement


Designed and Manufactured by Teemore Engineering, our Dehorning Crate are designed to last.

Teemore dehorning crate offer top of the range access and safety when dealing with calves. This crate helps to make this task a one-man job. With many different features to support the user such as the belly bar and rachet rump rail to ensure the secureness of the calf. The head can also be fully secured using the adjustable chin rest and strap, along with the rachet operated neck restraint. The dehorning box is accessible to the calf from the back, with an easily operated front door allowing the calf to exit from the front, which reduces stress slightly. Operated on two wheels at the front for ease of transport, paired with a bar which lifts the wheels from the ground preventing movement. A top storage tray has been incorporated to safely set medical equipment when in use. One side fold’s down providing increased access to the calf.


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Code Description
TE8001 Calf Dehorning Crate


Explore the unique advantages our products provide.

Ensures calves can be safely secured during dehorning. This ensures the calf cannot accidentally be injured during the procedure.
The dehorning crate comes on a set of wheels meaning it can easily be transported around the yard.
Belly support band and rachet rear rump to ensure calf stays still, again aiding the safety of the calf.
Opening front door for releasing, to allow calf to be easily released, which saves time making the procedure more efficient.


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