Dairy Scratchy – Rubber Animal Scratcher

The dairy scratchy allows cows to satisfy their natural need to scratch in order to shed parasites, scabs and mites. Ideal for farm who use tail painting as a method of heat detection.

  • 1 piece mould
  • Fixed to concrete/metal building components
  • 32mm thickness
  • Can be used in conjunction with tail painting heat detection
  • Multiple Scratchy’s can be installed in one building


The use of rubber scratching products has been shown to improve cow welfare and behavior by reducing stress and promoting a more relaxed and contented herd

The dairy scratchy is a cost-effective alternative to brushes. These scratchy’s are ideal for cubicle end walls, especially to cover sharp corners which could cause harm if rubbed against. The scratchy helps to stimulate blood flow, which in turn can increase movement and increase milk production in the cow. These are ideal to reduce bullying, as when multiple are installed throughout the cow shed, cows won’t have to fight over who uses it.


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Height Width Thickness
1500mm (59.06″) 500mm (19.69″) 18 mm (0.71″)
*1 Dairy Scratchy unit per 10 – 15 cows max.
*Fastening strips supplied without screws.


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The dairy scratchy helps to satisfy the cows natural need to scratch in order to shed parasites, scabs and mites, without risking injury or abrasion to their skin.
The dairy scratchy can help to stimulate blood flow. This is beneficial in a milking herd as blood flow is required for milk production.
This system is ideal for farms who practise tail painting as a method of heat detection as the rubber studs won’t rub off the paint like a rotary brush.
Multiple dairy scratchies in one building can be beneficial to the herd dynamics as it can prevent fighting, due to their being multiple stations to scratch at. This also ensures every cow is able to safely shed parasites, mites and scabs.


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Find answers to common questions

What is the Dairy Scratchy, and how does it differ from traditional brushes?
The Dairy Scratchy is a cost-effective alternative to brushes. It serves as a scratching device for cows and is particularly designed for cubicle end walls. Unlike traditional brushes, the scratchy is focused on providing a stimulating and comfortable scratching surface.
Where is the Dairy Scratchy typically installed, and why is it ideal for cubicle end walls?
The Dairy Scratchy is ideally installed on cubicle end walls. It is specifically designed to cover sharp corners, which could cause harm if rubbed against. This makes it a suitable solution for enhancing cow comfort in areas prone to potential injuries.
How does the Dairy Scratchy stimulate blood flow, and what benefits does this provide for the cows?
The Dairy Scratchy is designed to stimulate blood flow in cows. This stimulation can increase movement and, in turn, contribute to enhanced blood circulation. Increased blood flow is associated with potential benefits, such as improved well-being and increased milk production in the cows.
Can the Dairy Scratchy be used to reduce bullying among cows in a herd?
Yes, the Dairy Scratchy can be an effective tool to reduce bullying among cows in a herd. When multiple scratchies are installed throughout the cow shed, cows won’t have to compete or fight over access to the scratching device. This can help create a more harmonious and stress-free environment.
How does the Dairy Scratchy contribute to cow comfort, and why is this important for milk production?
The Dairy Scratchy enhances cow comfort by providing a designated area for cows to scratch and groom themselves. This comfort is crucial for their well-being and can have a positive impact on milk production. Content and comfortable cows are likely to exhibit healthier behaviors and increased productivity.
What materials are used in the construction of the Dairy Scratchy, and how durable is it?
These devices are designed to be durable and withstand the wear and tear associated with cow scratching behaviors. It’s advisable to check product specifications for material details.
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Teemore prides itself on its extensive and well-stocked inventory, strategically positioned in both the United Kingdom and Ireland. With a robust supply chain, we ensure ample availability of our products, meeting the demands of our valued customers across these regions. Our commitment to maintaining a large stock allows us to promptly cater to the diverse needs of the agricultural community, providing reliable access to top-quality solutions for livestock management.
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Teemore extends its convenient delivery service throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland, ensuring accessibility to our quality products right at your doorstep. While larger orders often enjoy complimentary delivery, smaller orders may incur a modest delivery charge, the amount of which depends on your specific location. This approach allows us to cater to the varying needs of our customers, providing a flexible and efficient delivery solution tailored to your order size and geographical location.

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