Cubicle Dividing Gate

Simple two rail adjustable cubicle dividing gate that can either be mounted of a cubicle loop or post, suitable for openings up to 6 metres.

  • Adjustable length
  • Easy open from either side


Helps to promote efficient management practices by providing specific areas for each group’s unique needs

Simple two rail adjustable cubicle dividing gate is ideal for dividing a cubicle house, separating different batches of dairy cows. The gate can either be mounted of a cubicle loop with a specially manufactured bracket to suit our cubicles or fitted to a post. The cubicle dividing gate can cover a range of 2-6 metres. The product is made from 60mm steel with a 48mm telescopic insert which allows for 1mtr of adjustment. This means the product can cover more than one gap. The bracket comes with a double pin and chain system, meaning the gate can be opened from either side with ease.


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Code Description
LO3195 2-3 Metre Gate
LO3196 3-4 Metre Gate
LO3197 4-5 Metre Gate
LO3198 5-6 Metre Gate
TE2350 Cubicle Bracket – Superloop
TE2351 Cubicle Bracket – Superloop Plus/Deluxe


Explore the unique advantages our products provide.

The cubicle dividing gate comes with one metre of extension, ensuring minimal space it take up when the gate is not in use.
Teemore can supply brackets which have been designed to ensure a secure our cubicle gate to our cubicles with ease, this can easily be removed again once not in use, or moved to a different location.
Teemore cubicle gate is made from 60mm steel, making it heavy duty and durable. This ensures the gate can withstand any pressure put on it by the cows.
The Teemore cubicle gate can be used in a cross section. This allows the gate to be used for one than one gap.


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Find answers to common questions

Is this gate telescopic?
This gate provides 1mtr of extension, this allows the gate to fit gaps of different widths, and allows for the gate to be tucked against a cubicle wall, without being in the way.
Can to be used in the middle of a cubicle row?
Yes, we have designed brackets to fit onto cubicles where we can then hang the dividing gate and move along according to cow group sizes.
Are they in stock?
Teemore carry a large stock both in the UK and Ireland.
Where can I get a price?
For prices, please contact our offices on +44 (0) 28 677 48377.
Where can I purchase these?
You can purchase these directly from Teemore by contacting a sales rep.
Do you offer delivery?
Yes. Teemore offer a delivery service over the UK and Ireland. For smaller orders there may be a small delivery charge depending on your location.

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