Cow Adjustable Rail

Ideal for use in a range of settings, the cow adjustable rail can be adjusted to suit stock size. Available as high and low timber options.

  • Made from 60mm tube and 60×60 box
  • 500mm range of adjustability
  • Available with high or low timbers
  • Fitted using eyebolts
  • Total height of 1465mm


Aids cattle feeding facilities that can be easily adjusted to accommodate different sizes of cattle and different feeding methods

The cow adjustable feed barrier is ideal for both dairy and beef cattle. The barrier can be adjusted to suit any age or breed of cattle, ideal for horned cattle as access is not limited in any way. Made from 60mm galvanised tube in areas where the cow is likely to rub against, with 60×60 galvanised box barrier ends and bottom for added support. Barrier can be purchased with a high timber bottom (403mm) or low timber bottom (283mm). Adjustable ranges over 500mm with the barrier being 1465mm total height. Length can be customised.


It is important to ensure that the fence is installed securely and is of appropriate height and strength for the type of cattle being fed

High Bottom (525mm)

Code Description
PO0654 Cow Adjustable Rail – 1.5m – 3m (5′ – 10′)
PO0652 Cow Adjustable Rail – 3m – 4.5m (10′ – 14’9″)
PO0650 Cow Adjustable Rail – 4.7m – 6m (15’6 – 20′)

Low Bottom

Code Description
PO0664 Cow Adjustable Rail Low 1.5m – 3m (5’-10’)
PO0662 Cow Adjustable Rail Low 3m – 4.5m (10’-14’9)
PO0660 Cow Adjustable Rail Low 4.7m – 6m (15’6-20’)


Explore the unique advantages our products provide.

Range of 500mm adjustability
Durable design with 60mm tube
Available as high or low timber bottom
Secured in place using eyebolts


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Find answers to common questions

What makes the Cow Adjustable Feed Barrier suitable for both dairy and beef cattle?
The barrier is versatile and adjustable, making it ideal for accommodating both dairy and beef cattle. Its design allows adjustments to suit any age or breed of cattle.
Why is the adjustability important for this feed barrier?
The adjustability is crucial as it allows the barrier to accommodate various sizes and ages of cattle, making it versatile and practical for different stages of livestock development.
Is this barrier suitable for horned cattle?
Yes, the design of the barrier is ideal for horned cattle, as it doesn’t limit access in any way, ensuring a comfortable feeding experience.
Can the barrier be purchased with different timber bottom options?
Yes, the Cow Adjustable Feed Barrier offers flexibility with the option to purchase with either a high timber bottom (403mm) or a low timber bottom (283mm), catering to specific preferences and needs.
What is the adjustable range of the barrier?
The barrier offers an adjustable range of over 500mm, providing adaptability for different sizes of cattle and their feeding requirements. The total height of the barrier is 1465mm.
Are they in Stock?
Teemore prides itself on its extensive and well-stocked inventory, strategically positioned in both the United Kingdom and Ireland. With a robust supply chain, we ensure ample availability of our products, meeting the demands of our valued customers across these regions. Our commitment to maintaining a large stock allows us to promptly cater to the diverse needs of the agricultural community, providing reliable access to top-quality solutions for livestock management.
Where can i get a price?
For prices, please contact our offices on +44 (0) 28 677 48377.
Do you offer delivery?
Teemore extends its convenient delivery service throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland, ensuring accessibility to our quality products right at your doorstep. While larger orders often enjoy complimentary delivery, smaller orders may incur a modest delivery charge, the amount of which depends on your specific location. This approach allows us to cater to the varying needs of our customers, providing a flexible and efficient delivery solution tailored to your order size and geographical location.


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