Cow Adjustable Rail

Ideal for use in a range of settings, the cow adjustable rail can be adjusted to suit stock size. Available as high and low timber options.

  • Made from 60mm tube and 60×60 box
  • 500mm range of adjustability
  • Available with high or low timbers
  • Fitted using eyebolts
  • Total height of 1465mm


Aids cattle feeding facilities that can be easily adjusted to accommodate different sizes of cattle and different feeding methods

The cow adjustable feed barrier is ideal for both dairy and beef cattle. The barrier can be adjusted to suit any age or breed of cattle, ideal for horned cattle as access is not limited in any way. Made from 60mm galvanised tube in areas where the cow is likely to rub against, with 60×60 galvanised box barrier ends and bottom for added support. Barrier can be purchased with a high timber bottom (403mm) or low timber bottom (283mm). Adjustable ranges over 500mm with the barrier being 1465mm total height. Length can be customised.


It is important to ensure that the fence is installed securely and is of appropriate height and strength for the type of cattle being fed
Code Description
PO0670 Cow Adjustable Rail c/w Lift Upskirt

Low Bottom

Code Description
PO0664 Cow Adjustable Rail Low 1.5m – 3m (5’-10’)
PO0662 Cow Adjustable Rail Low 3m – 4.5m (10’-14’9)
PO0660 Cow Adjustable Rail Low 4.7m – 6m (15’6-20’)

High Bottom

Code Description
PO0654 Cow Adjustable Rail High 1.5m – 3m (5’-10’)
PO0652 Cow Adjustable Rail High 3m – 4.5m (10’-14’9)
PO0650 Cow Adjustable Rail High 4.7m – 6m (15’6-20’)


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Range of 500mm adjustability
Durable design with 60mm tube
Available as high or low timber bottom
Secured in place using eyebolts


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