Clipex HDX 1500 Crush

1500 Series Cattle Crush Double Squeeze. Increase Animal, Vet & Farmer Safety with Reduced Animal Stress.

  • Double parallel squeeze
  • Anti-rattle catches on all swinging doors
  • Animal inspecting doors
  • Nylon bushes in all hinges
  • Full vet section


It features a parallel squeeze, adjustable floor, and head yoke, making it suitable for a variety of tasks, including hoof trimming, AI work, and vaccinations

The Clipex 1500 is a pneumatic crush constructed using 450Mpa grade steel, and then hot dipped galvanised for a long-lasting durable finish. The 1500 includes a double squeeze to allow for minimal movement when carrying out procedures. All swinging doors include anti-rattle latches for a luxurious feel. Super duty head scoop with neck clamp to reduce head movement, paired with a silent infinite locking mechanism ensuring best use with all types of cattle. Nylon bushes used on all hinges for improved quality. Clipex castings have been added to each corner to prevent injury on sharp edges. The 1500 comes equipped with a full vet section ideal for any procedures. Anti-bruise bar has been used to optimise comfort. The bottom of the crush comes equipped with load bar mounting points. Access doors can be customised to your liking. Built in floor with rubber flooring for added safety. Available in both left and rise hand side. Lifting eyes have been added for ease of transportation. 1500kg construction.


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Code Description
CLIP35 HD1500 LH
CLIP40 HD1500 RH


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The HD series is fully hot dip galvanised; this ensures guaranteed performance to European/International Standard ISO 1416 standards. Hot dip galvanising is the pinnacle of today’s steel coatings.
The HD series features our best-in-class Parallel Squeeze. Featuring a silent lock and being fully sheeted on each side ensures your animal are squeezed without any added stress and keeping them safe.
Like the head bail lock, the Parallel squeeze locks using a mechanical lock while being assisted pneumatically. This has the benefits of instantly locking with the ease of pneumatic operations.
The HD range utilises Clipex’ patented steel casted corners. These make the corner joints up to 40% stronger than traditional butt joints, making them the strongest on the market. This also allows for all doors on the crush be removable and upgradable.


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