Clipex Crush Gate

Clipex crush gate is a squeeze crush gate ideal for use with heavy cattle. Product is manufactured and galvanised to provide the best finish. Clipex crush gate is extremely heavy duty.

  • New infinite locking mechanism
  • New rubber design
  • Nylon bushes
  • Silent operation
  • Heavy duty construction


The gate is made of high-quality steel and features a durable locking mechanism that ensures the safety of both the animal and the handler

Clipex crush gate is a simple squeeze crush gate ideal for heavy cattle. Clipex have developed a new infinite locking system and new rubber design to ensure product safety. Nylon bushes are used to improve usability. Noice dampening panelling has also been used to improve on the silent mechanisms. Product is heavy duty construction and hot dipped galvanised, to ensure longevity. Handle has a drop-down safety feature to prevent accidents.


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Code Description
CLIP020 Clipex 100x head gate (LH)
CLIP025 Clipex 100x head gate (RH)


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The Clipex crush gate is hot dipped galvanised. This means the crush gate is sure to endure elevated levels of pressure and will remain in top condition for many years.
The Clipex head gate has been designed with silent mechanisms. This will reduce the noise pollution when in use which therefore will reduce the levels of stress put on the animal.
Gaps have been minimalised to eliminate the chances of cattle heading their head stuck or injured when the headgate is in operation.


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