Calf Separation Panels

This Jourdain vertical bar separation panel is designed to divide group calf pens. The vertical bars eliminate the possibility of calves getting trapped and reduce the suckling between pens.

  • Narrow vertical bars eliminating choking hazard
  • Can be opened from both sides
  • Easily shortened when installing
  • Ideal for batch housing
  • Can be stock boarded to improve biosecurity


Jourdain has established itself as the number one stabling manufacturer in the world by making high-quality products that last.

The separation panels are made up of vertical bars spaced 110mm apart. This reduces the contact of calves between pens and fully prevents calves’ heads from getting stuck. The barrier can be easily shortened when installing. This is the ideal product for batch housing with calves. Gates can be stock boarded for extra biosecurity.


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Code Description
VE2770 3 metres
VE2772 4 metres
VE2774 5 metres
VE2763 Vertically barred calf gate
VE2760 Front for vertically barred gate


Explore the unique advantages our products provide.

Narrow spacing prevent calf injury, as a calf cannot fit its head though the gap.
Spring latch gate adds extra security and can prevent calves from escaping.
Easy to stock board, which can aid in biosecurity, therefore preventing the spread of bacteria.
Ideal for batch housing to ensure batches remain separated.


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