Calf Jackets

Calf jackets are protective coverings designed to safeguard young calves in agricultural settings. These jackets offer essential insulation during cold weather, maintaining the calves’ body temperature and reducing stress. With adjustable sizing and ventilation features, calf jackets provide comfort while promoting healthy growth.

  • Agriplastic calf jackets are designed with advanced thermal insulation properties.
  • To prevent overheating, agriplastic calf jackets incorporate strategic ventilation points or materials that allow for proper airflow.
  • Constructed from robust materials, these jackets are built to withstand the rigors of outdoor environments.
  • These jackets come with adjustable features to accommodate calves of different sizes and ages.


Providing calves with proper protection against harsh weather can help reduce stress on their bodies. This can lead to better overall health and growth rates.

Agriplastic calf jackets are purpose-built protective garments crafted to ensure the well-being and health of young calves within agricultural environments. Made from robust and weather-resistant materials, these jackets serve as a vital component of modern livestock management practices.

The primary objective of calf jackets is to shield newborn and young calves from the challenges posed by varying weather conditions, particularly during colder seasons. They function as an insulating barrier against the cold, retaining the calves’ body heat and helping to prevent hypothermia. This aspect is especially crucial for newborn calves, which have not fully developed the ability to regulate their body temperature.

Beyond temperature regulation, calf jackets also alleviate stress on these young animals. By offering a sense of security and comfort, the jackets facilitate smoother transitions during critical life stages, such as weaning. Moreover, they play a pivotal role in maintaining hygiene and cleanliness by preventing calves from getting wet or dirty in damp conditions.

Agriplastic calf jackets are designed with practicality in mind. Many variants are adjustable, ensuring a snug and customised fit for calves of varying sizes and ages. Proper ventilation is also integrated into their design, preventing overheating and ensuring optimal airflow.


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Temperature Protection: Calf jackets regulate temperatures, guarding against cold and hypothermia. They effectively trap the calf’s natural body heat, providing a cozy and warm environment even in colder weather. This insulation helps prevent hypothermia, a significant risk for young and vulnerable calves.
Stress Reduction: Jackets provide comfort, minimizing stress for better growth. The jackets are adjustable, this ensures a snug fit that maximises comfort and protection. As calves grow, the jackets can be adjusted accordingly, prolonging their usefulness.
Ventilation is a key element within the calf Jakcet. This feature helps regulate the calf’s body temperature, ensuring they stay comfortable in varying weather conditions.
Healthier Growth: Insulated calves grow better, as energy isn’t spent on staying warm. They are resistant to moisture, wind, and other weather elements, ensuring their longevity and reliable performance over time.


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Find answers to common questions

Why are calf jackets important?
Calf jackets help regulate body temperature, reduce stress, support healthy growth, and streamline management practices for young calves, especially in cold weather.
Do these calf jackets fit all calf sizes?
The agriplastic Calf jackets have adjustable straps allowing a calf to coninue to wear a jacket for up to six months (depending on growth rate)
Can calf jackets be used year-round?
While primarily used for cold weather protection, calf jackets with ventilation features can be suitable for milder conditions, ensuring calves don’t overheat.
How do calf jackets contribute to calf growth?
Calf jackets conserve energy by maintaining optimal body temperature, enabling calves to allocate resources towards growth and development.

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