Calf Cubicles 6 – 12 Months

Depending on your specific farming policy 6–12-month heifer cubicles normally accommodate the spring born calf going into the house for their first winter. This is an ideal time to train youngstock to lie in cubicles.

  • Fully adjustable system
  • Heavy duty
  • Same system as cow cubicles
  • 600mm cubicle depth


Cubicles for heifers aged 6-12 months should be designed to accommodate the heifer’s larger size and provide a comfortable and safe environment for them to rest and sleep

The 6–12-month heifer cubicles can be produced from either 48mm or 60mm tube, and mounted on a post and rail system which provides great flexibility. Spacing between the top and bottom bar on the cubicle is 600mm, which should prevent the young heifers from jumping through the cubicles. These cubicles normally accommodate spring born calf going into the house for their first winter. Early cubicle training is very beneficial as it helps form good habits for the future cow.


The cubicles should be spaced at a distance that allows heifers to move around and socialize with other animals. A spacing of 5-6 feet (1.5-1.8 meters) between cubicles is generally recommended
Mounting Options
Post & Rail


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The 6–12-month heifer cubicles are available in 48mm tube or 60mm tube. This ensures Teemore can cater to every farmer’s needs.
The heifer cubicles are manufactured to length. Teemore are aware that not every bed in the same, so in order to cater for our customers cubicle loops are bent on request.
The 6–12-month heifer cubicles can be used to train heifers into using them and will in turn reduce bedding costs.
Cubicle loops are designed to ensure heifers cannot jump through them.


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Find answers to common questions

What length are these cubicles?
Cubicle lengths are made to suit the length of your cow bed. It is important that to know this before purchasing any cubicles as it will have a dramatic effect of the comfort of your cubicles.
What height are these cubicles?
The cubicle loop itself is 600mm standard, we recommend to fix the loop 250mm above the cubicle bed to ensure the correct lying position of the heifer.
What length should the bed be?
The length of the bed can vary depending on the breed of heifer; however 1.8 metre single row and 3.4 metre double rows are common.
Are they in stock?
Teemore manufacture these to order and a deposit will be required when ordering.
Where can I get a price?
For prices, please contact our offices on +44 (0) 28 677 48377.
Where can I purchase these?
You can purchase these directly from Teemore by contacting a sales rep.
Do you offer delivery?
Yes. Teemore offer a delivery service over the UK and Ireland. For smaller orders there may be a small delivery charge depending on your location

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