Bespoke Sheep Facilities

Teemore can create bespoke sheep facilities per the customer’s request.

  • Bespoke works carried out to customer’s request.
  • Sheep handling, housing and feeding systems measured designed and manufacture.


At Teemore Engineering, we only offer solutions that are designed to last.

Teemore has the ability to create a sheep facility to suit any farmer’s needs. Teemore has experience designing and mnaufacturing a range of facilities, including forcing pens, races and crush facilities. Our sales team are available with ample amount of information to design the most efficient and effective handling facility, ensuring top priority to handler safety and animal wellbeing. Teemore will work to design a facility to make handling easy.


Explore the unique advantages our products provide.

Made to suit your farm ensuring that it works well and flows.
Ensures budget can be worked with, allowing our sales team to provide a solution to any problem.

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