Jourdain Single Calving Yoke and Operating Gate

One of our four calving gate designs. Comes as two individual gates – the locking yoke and the operating gate. The head locking yoke is installed adjacent to the wall/gate, this allows the cow to be secured.

  • Automatic head catch
  • Quick release anti-choke head-locking system
  • Compatible with operating gate
  • Operating gate is complete with chain
  • Top access for operating on animal


The Jourdain Single Calving Yoke is a cattle handling device designed to safely secure a cow for the purpose of assisting with calving

This set comes at separate items, the locking yoke and the operating gate. The head locking yoke is installed adjacent to the wall/gate, and the operating gate hangs from the open side of the yoke. This means the animals will be secured in the yoke and can then be secured against the wall/gate using the operating gate and chain.

This locking yoke follows a similar design to the Jourdain headlock, this however, is better suited to calving and other procedures. If the cow were to fall the horizontal lower bar is close to the floor and also the yoke has a removable bar to ensure she is not harmed. When locking is not required the yoke can be used for feeding. The locking yoke should be mounted between two posts (not included as standard but available) or between a wall and a post.

This gate attaches to the side of the locking yoke not the post ensuring it is close for working at the cow. The operating gate has a number of gates within it to aid the farmer, top gate for doing operations and lower gate for accessing the udder of the cow for milking the cow or getting a calf to suckle. The double hanging height allows you to adjust the hang height of the gate to correspond to the animal size. The operating gate can come with an optional caesarean fold down table.


The operating gate should also be installed at a height that allows the operator to access the cow easily and safely
Code Description
BA5041 Automatic Single Calving Gate
BA5044 Telescopic Operating Gate
BA5046 Casarean Table


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The collar width on the headlock can be adjusted due to the incorporation of three collar widths. The bar can easily be moved by pulling down the red plastic part of the straight collar bar.
Access is unrestricted on the operating gate as no bottom bar exists. The bottom panel on the operating gate comes away from the main gate allowing access to the feet and udder.
The head catch is easily operated. As the cow puts its head through the headlock, they will encourage the curved bar to lock in place, the farmer can easily ensure the head catches as the headlock incorporates a string which allows the farmer to pull the headlock closed from behind the cow.
The head locking yoke has incorporated a quick release system. This is important for when a cow falls her head can easily be released, by removing the adjustable bar. This ensures the cow can quickly be released reducing choking risks and therefore reducing trauma on the cow.


Find answers to common questions

What is the purpose of the locking yoke and operating gate set?
The locking yoke and operating gate set is designed to secure animals for various procedures, particularly calving. The locking yoke is installed adjacent to the wall/gate, and the operating gate hangs from the open side of the yoke, allowing animals to be secured and protected during tasks.
How does the locking yoke differ from other designs, such as the Jourdain headlock?
The locking yoke shares a similar design with the Jourdain headlock but is better suited for calving and other procedures. It has a horizontal lower bar close to the floor to prevent harm to the animal if it falls. The yoke also features a removable bar for added safety.
Can the locking yoke be used for feeding when locking is not required?
Yes, the locking yoke can serve a dual purpose. When locking is not necessary, it can be utilised for feeding purposes.
How should the locking yoke be mounted?
The locking yoke should be mounted between two posts (not included as standard but available) or between a wall and a post to ensure stability and security during use.
What is the significance of the multiple gates in the operating gate?
The operating gate features a top gate for performing various operations and a lower gate for easy access to the udder of the cow, facilitating milking or allowing a calf to suckle. This design enhances the versatility of the set for different farming tasks.
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