Aquaclim Mattress

The solution to combat heat stress. The Aquaclim mattress is a combination of high-density latex foam, a water pouch with under channels to circulate water. The water pouch acts as a heat exchanger taking the heat away from the cow.

  • The first cooling water mattress for cows to fight heat stress
  • Heat stress is a major cause of lost milk production
  • The Aquaclim helps the cow regulate her internal heat
  • The comfortable water pouch creates a thermal exchange facility
  • The system is economical and environmentally friendly


With heat-stress affecting milk production during the summer months, Aquaclim works to reserve the cows energy

The Aquaclim mattress is the first cooling water mattress with a high-density latex foam underneath. This mattress is designed with tubes of cool water flowing through the water pouch allowing the individual water chambers to act like a heat exchanger taking the heat away from the cow. The heated water can then be used for other requirements on the farm such as heating an anaerobic digester, hot water for the milking parlour or heating the family home.


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1.80 x 1.15 lm (45.27″)
1.80 x 1.20 lm (47.24″)
1.80 x 1.22 lm (48.03″)
1.80 x 1.25 lm (49.21″)


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The mattress is continuously cooled by the movement of the water through the pipes.
Encourages the cow to lie down during hot periods, cooling her down and reserving her energy for milk production.
The water which has been heated by the cow can be used for alternatives such as heating digestors.
The Aquaclim mattress is one of teemore sustainable products which allows the farmer to increase production and potentially reduce costs.


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Find answers to common questions

How does this product work in Winter?
You would think that our climate within the winter months would not call for a product aimed to cool down the cow. However, milk producing cows are using a lot of energy and in turn producing a lot of heat all through the year. With temperatures averaging between 1° and 8° Celsius in the winter months and cow houses on average being 5-10° warmer than outside, it can be suggested that a cooling effect could be beneficial all year round within the UK.
what temperature does a cow like to be?
The ideal temperature for cows depends on several factors, including age, breed, and stage of lactation. In general, dairy cows prefer temperatures between 5°C (41°F) and 20°C (68°F), with the ideal temperature range varying slightly depending on the cow’s age and stage of lactation. Cows can become heat-stressed and experience reduced milk production and other health issues if they are exposed to temperatures above their comfort range for extended periods
Are they in stock?
Teemore do not keep this as a stock item. A deposit will be required when ordering.
Where can I get a price?
For prices, please contact our offices on +44 (0) 28 677 48377.
Where can I purchase these?
You can purchase these directly from Teemore by contacting a sales rep.
Do you offer delivery?
Yes. Teemore offer a delivery service over the UK and Ireland. For smaller orders there may be a small delivery charge depending on your location.

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