Anti-backing Bar

This portable anti backing bar is ideal for retaining the animals when in the crush race. Spring loaded operation.

  • Simple spring-loaded system
  • Can be fixed at any point in the crush
  • Can slide on crush rails for position adjustment
  • Fully galvanised
  • Portable – used on numerous crushes


The bar can be easily adjusted or removed when not in use and can withstand the wear and tear of regular use.

The anti-backing bar allows for simple one-man operation. Cattle and easily push through the anti-backing system, once through they cannot go back. Spring loaded operation ensuring the product returns to its closed position. Anti-backing bar is easily attached to any gate, or rail system, due to its adjustable attachment points. Can be used to follow the animal up the crush if needed. Product comes fully galvanised ensuring longevity and durability.


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Code Description
CR0081 60mm Left Hand – 4 bar
CR0082 60mm Right Hand – 4 bar
CR0083 48mm Left Hand – 4 bar
CR0084 48mm Right Hand – 4 bar
CR0086 60mm Right Hand – 5 bar
CR0087 60mm Left Hand – 5 bar
CR0087 48mm Left Hand – 5 bar
CR0088 48mm Right Hand – 5 bar


Explore the unique advantages our products provide.

Spring loaded design ensuring bar always returns to closed position.
Easily fixed and adjusted to any point on crush, ensuring multiple can be used to prevent cattle from backing down the crush.
Highly durably and long lasting due to its galvanised finish.
Its portable design means it can easily be moved on the crush or removed and placed on another crush. This ensures that one anti-backing bar can be used on multiple systems is needed.


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