Agri-Plastics Ultra Flex Pen

A plastic flexible pen that is ideal for calf penning. It allows for multiple penning options to either individually pen or pair calves.

  • Unique interlocking tongue in groove system makes for quick and easy assembly
  • Easy to clean and lightweight
  • The fastening system also allows you to dismantle units in minutes
  • Does not promote the growth of bacteria or spread disease
  • Pin holder storage – “No more dropped pins” Adjustable door


At Teemore Engineering, we only offer solutions that are designed to last.

Agri-Plastics’ innovative Indoor Calf Raising Pen Systems allow for complete observation of your calves. Our heavy-duty Front Feeding Door makes accessing your calves quick and easy. The Front Feeding Door and buckets also adjusts in height to grow with your calves! Our side panels have integrated calf dividers with no extra parts to assemble. The plastic used is heavy gauge meaning it is exceptionally durable and long lasting. Bacteria is also decreased due to the materials being non-porous, this aids the health of your calf allowing them to grow healthy.


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Outside Dimensions

Length Width Height
213 cm / 84″ 122 cm / 48″ 114 cm / 45″

Inside Living Area

Length Width Height
178 cm / 70″ 117 cm / 46″ 114 cm / 45″


Explore the unique advantages our products provide.

Slots in side panels allows for calves to interact, studies suggest this is beneficial for calf welfare.
Exceptionally durable plastic design, which is easily cleaned. This helps to reduce the presence of bacteria.
Units can be wall mounted, to prevent movement.
Multiple setup configurations, can make a buddy system or group system using the panels.


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