Agri-Plastics Starter Pen

The Starter Pen sits directly on the ground and can be placed in a building or outside under an overhang. These units come with the standard Top and Bottom Air Flow Vents and your choice of the Bottle Front Feeding Door or the Teat Bucket Front Feeding Door.

  • Made for short-term use, our starter pens help smooth your calves’ transition to a calf hutch, indoor pen, group hutch or robotic feeding system
  • The labour-efficient units come in three distinct styles to suit your operation’s needs, and all of the pens are moulded in one piece from high density polyethylene for durability and easy cleaning
  • Moulded in one piece
  • Easy access to the calf
  • 10-year limited warranty


At Teemore Engineering, we only offer solutions that are designed to last.

These units are ideal for the first weeks of a calf’s life. With the metal front it can hold two buckets and a bottle feeder. Air flow vents have been added to ensure constant fresh air. The pen can be placed directly on the floor or can add a slatted floor.

Plastic floor option
For optimal drainage, the Elevated Starter Pen is made with a slatted floor that sits above the ground on galvanised metal legs.

Plastic floor with wheels
Movable Starter Pen Easily change the position of the Movable Starter Pen using the two swivel wheels with brakes and two rigid wheels that are mounted directly to the slatted floor.


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Starter Pen: AGRI-6000B / AGRI-6000T

Outside Dimensions:

Length Width Height
131 cm / 51.5″ 102 cm / 40″ 102 cm / 40″
Length Width Height
131 cm / 51.5″ 102 cm / 40″ 102 cm / 40″


Explore the unique advantages our products provide.

The starter pen uses slats which drains moisture, therefore aiding better calf health.
Ability to hold two buckets and a bottle, allow for the constant supply of water and meal.
Option of slatted floor and wheels to aid movement around the farm.
Plastic does not harbour bacteria, ensuring once the pen is sanitised it can be used again without fear of spreading disease.


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