7 Bar Gates/Panel

These 7 bar gates have been designed specifically for use in fields or for small animal housing designs. The bottom five bars have a 95mm spacing, this prevents the smaller animals from sticking their head through the bars, which can be a potential choking hazard.

  • Narrower spacing between lower bars
  • Can be fitted with spring latch
  • Adjustable ends
  • Can be easily stock boarded


Jourdain 7-bar gate can also be used as a gate for entrances or exits to livestock housing areas. Its simple latch mechanism makes it easy to operate, and the gate’s smooth, rounded design helps to prevent injury to livestock

Our 7 bar panels/spring gates offer the perfect solution for calf housing. These gates provide a narrower spacing between the lower five bars to prevent choking risks. Can be supplied as either a panel, working on a pin and chain system or a double spring latch to offer easier access. The ends are telescopic allowing a metre of adjustment with each size. The gates can be easily stock boarded to help achieve greater bio-security.


The gate can be easily mounted to posts or walls using standard hardware, and its sturdy construction makes it effective at keeping livestock separated

7 Bar Gate

Code Opening Size (mm)
BP0701 750 – 1750
BP0702  1750 – 2750
BP0703 2750 – 3750
BP0704 3750 – 4750
BP0705 4750 – 5750

7 Bar Panel

Code Opening Size (mm)
BP0711 840 – 1840
BP0712 1840 – 2840
BP0713 2840 – 3840
BP0714 3840 – 4840
BP0715 4840 – 5840
*300mm overlap at maximum measurement


Explore the unique advantages our products provide.

Lower bars have narrower spacings to ensure calf safety. This prevents the calf from getting its leg stuck between the bars.
The 7 bar gate is available as a spring latch gate. These gates are beneficial for farms as the spring latch is durable and can prevent animal’s from opening them.
The 7 bar gates have 1 metre of adjustability. This allows for the gates to be used to block off multiple gaps and varying lengths.
These gates are easily stock boarded. This improves bio-security as it prevents batches of calves from socialising with one another, there reducing the spread of disease between batches.


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