4 Bar Backs

Need a replacement back? – available as a Panel Back or a Drinker Back. The Panel Back ensures a secure fit, perfect for enclosures. The Drinker Back facilitates water access for livestock. Both options are built for durability and precision, complementing your Jourdain gate seamlessly. Choose versatility, choose Jourdain.

  • Tailored Integration: Seamlessly fits with Jourdain gates for enhanced stability and containment.
  • Panel Back Security: Minimises gaps, ensuring secure enclosures and pens for livestock.
  • Efficient Water Access: Drinker Back accommodates water supply mechanisms, streamlining hydration.
  • Durability: Constructed from robust materials for resilience in demanding agricultural environments.
  • Adaptable Solutions: Customisable options cater to specific livestock management needs.


The 4-bar gate’s are manufactured in two parts to allow for adjustability.

The Jourdain 4-Bar Back offers a tailored approach to optimizing your gate system’s functionality. With two distinct options – the Panel Back and the Drinker Back – this product enhances the adaptability of your livestock management infrastructure.

The Panel Back is precision-engineered to seamlessly integrate with Jourdain gates. Its design ensures a secure fit, minimising gaps and bolstering containment in livestock enclosures and pens. By providing a reliable connection, the Panel Back contributes to the overall stability and effectiveness of your gating system.

For specialised requirements, the Drinker Back serves as a pragmatic solution. It facilitates water access for your livestock by accommodating water supply mechanisms. This feature streamlines the process of providing hydration to animals, enhancing operational efficiency and ensuring their well-being.

Both the Panel Back and the Drinker Back uphold Jourdain’s commitment to durability. Built to withstand the demands of agricultural environments, these components are constructed from robust materials designed for longevity.

Incorporating the Jourdain 4-Bar Back into your gate system allows you to fine-tune its functionality. Whether you prioritise containment in livestock areas or require efficient water access, these options provide practical solutions that directly address the challenges of livestock management.

Discover the practical efficiency of the Jourdain 4-Bar Back – a testament to Jourdain’s dedication to innovative solutions that cater to the specific needs of modern farmers and livestock managers. Enhance your gate system with components designed for adaptability and durability, reflecting Jourdain’s commitment to functional excellence.


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Code Size (metres)
BA5010 4 Bar Back 1-2m
BA9961 4 Bar Back 2-3m
BA9962 4 Bar Back 3-4m
BA9963 4 Bar Back 4-5m
BA9964 4 Bar Back 5-6m
BA9965 4 Bar Back 6-7m
Code Size (metres)
BA9981 4 Bar Drinker Back 2-3m
BA9982 4 Bar Drinker Back 3-4m
BA9983 4 Bar Drinker Back 4-5m
BA9984 4 Bar Driunker Back 5-6m


Explore the unique advantages our products provide.

Enhanced System Integrity: The 4-Bar Back seamlessly integrates with Jourdain gates, bolstering stability and overall gate system effectiveness.
Secure Containment: With the Panel Back option, gaps are minimised, ensuring secure enclosures and pens, minimising the risk of livestock escaping.
Streamlined Hydration: The Drinker Back’s water access mechanism simplifies providing hydration to animals, enhancing operational efficiency and animal well-being.
Extended Lifespan: Constructed from durable materials, the 4-Bar Back withstands the rigors of agricultural environments, contributing to its long-lasting performance.


Find answers to common questions

What is the Jourdain 4-Bar Back?
The Jourdain 4-Bar Back is an innovative component designed to enhance the functionality of Jourdain gates. It comes in two configurations – the Panel Back and the Drinker Back – catering to different requirements within livestock management.
How does the Panel Back enhance gate systems?
The Panel Back is designed to seamlessly integrate with Jourdain gates, minimising gaps and enhancing security. It provides a snug fit that ensures containment in livestock enclosures and pens.
What is the advantage of the Drinker Back?
The Drinker Back simplifies water access for livestock by accommodating water supply mechanisms. This feature optimises operational efficiency, ensuring animals have a reliable source of hydration.
Are both the Panel Back and Drinker Back durable?
Yes, both options are constructed from robust materials, ensuring durability in challenging agricultural environments. They are designed to withstand wear and tear over time.
Are these components compatible with non-Jourdain gates?
The Jourdain 4-Bar Back is specifically designed to integrate with Jourdain gates. Compatibility with non-Jourdain gates may vary, so it’s advisable to consult with Jourdain or a distributor for guidance.


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