3 Bar Divisions

3 bar divisions are suitable for use with horses. Made from 60mm steel, ensures strength and longevity. Available in both panel and spring latch style.

  • Available as a panel or spring latch gate end
  • Heavy duty 60mm steel
  • Adjustable eye bolt for ease of installation
  • Fully galvanised
  • Telescopic


Jourdain is a renowned manufacturer of equine equipment, specialising in crafting high-quality solutions for the equestrian industry.

The 3-bar divisions are specifically designed for horses, providing an ideal solution for their enclosure requirements. These divisions are crafted from sturdy 60mm steel, ensuring strength and longevity. They are available in both panel and spring latch styles, offering versatility in choosing the preferred design.

The adjustable eyebolts make installation effortless, allowing for easy customization of the height and configuration. Additionally, the telescopic feature of the divisions enables convenient adjustment to fit various openings, providing a secure and flexible solution for horse enclosures.


Code Description
BA9950 Panel end
BA9953 Front part – spring latch
BA9951 Back part – 2-3m
BA9952 Back part – 3-4m
BA9953 Back part – 4-5m
BA9954 Back part – 5-6m


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The 3 bar divisions are ideal for a horse’s environment. They are a heavy-duty design perfect for keeping a horse secured.
Available as panel or spring latch, allowing for the 3-bar division to be used as a fixed divider or a gate.
The height can be adjusted with the post brackets and each panel has 1 mtr of extension.
Available in sizes up to 6m.


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