2 in 1 Calving Gate

The telescopic 2 in 1 calving gate is ideal for dividing 2 calving pens and can be coupled with the Jourdain head locking yoke leaving it accessible from both sides. 2 in 1 calving gate can be paired with any of the 5 bar ends.

  • Quick release head locking yoke
  • Adjustable collar width
  • Internal calving & operation gate is suitable for use on both sides
  • Adjustable eye for levelling
  • Can be paired with any of the 5 bar ends


Designed to serve two purposes: it can function as a standard gate for everyday use, and it can also be converted into a calving gate when needed

The 2-in-1 calving gate when coupled with the Jourdain single calving yoke can be used to divide two calving pens, and can swing either way to service both pens. The head-locking yoke should be secured with a lower drop bolt and upper strut. When cleaning the full system can be closed back to the wall. The head locking yoke has a quick release anti-choke system. The collar width is adjustable to ensure comfort and safety is maintained no matter the cow.

The 2-in-1 gate is sufficiently long and this advantage make it easier to force a reluctant cow into the head yoke itself. Operations can then be carried out safely through the top opening gate while the main frame retains the cow against the wall/gate on the opposite side.

Any 5 bar ends can be paired with the 2-in-1 gate to make up a full gate, including the man escape end and access are end.


It is available in a range of sizes to accommodate different herd sizes and is designed to be easily mounted to posts or walls using standard hardware

Individual Part Codes

Code Description
BA5041 Single calving yoke
BA5040 2 in 1 Calving gate (2.59m inc hanger)
BA5043 2 in 1 Calving gate strut
BA5047 2 in 1 Calving gate drop bolt
FE2102 Pair of flat hangers
GA6840 2 in 1 Calving gate with square gate end
GA1940 2 in 1 Calving gate with long square end


Code Min Max
GA6840 2500mm 3500mm
GA1940 3500mm 4500mm
GA6840 + BA5041 3300mm 4300mm
GA1940 + BA5041 4300mm 5300mm


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The collar width on the headlock can be adjusted due to the incorporation of three collar widths. The bar can easily be moved by pulling down the red plastic part of the straight collar bar.
The internal calving and operation gate is suitable for use on both sides, beneficial when cow is having a natural birth however needs a helping hand, whilst keeping the other pen for cows at risk for C section.
The head catch is easily operated. As the cow puts its head through the headlock, they will encourage the curved bar to lock in place, the farmer can easily ensure the head catches as the headlock incorporates a string which allows the farmer to pull the headlock closed from behind the cow.
The head locking yoke has incorporated a quick release system. This is important for when a cow falls her head can easily be released, by removing the adjustable bar. This ensures the cow can quickly be released reducing choking risks and therefore reducing trauma on the cow.


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