Jourdain 2 Bar Fattening Feed Rail

The Jourdain 2 bar fattening feed rail is produced from 101mm octagonal tube and designed for beef cattle. It is extremely heavy duty and can be raise by rotation without having to remove it, making it ideal for a store to beef finishing shed.

  • Suited to store and beef animals
  • Two height positions by rotation
  • Adjustable end piece for length adjustable
  • Heavy duty octagonal steel


The Jourdain 2-bar feed rail can be adjusted by rotation for ease of use.

The two-bar fattening feed rail is ideal for use in beef buildings. Coming in sizes ranging from 3m – 6m, with adjustable ends (114mm round tube), and produced from 102mm octagonal tube. Height can be adjusted by rotating the feed barrier and can also be fitted at an angle to give cattle better access to feed. A centre space strut is used to provide extra support for the longer lengths of feed rails. The barriers are fixed on hangers which can be selected based on hanging posts.


The table Will allow you to correctly choose a size to fit your space
Code Space
PE0203 3 Metre
PE0204 4 Metre
PE0205 5 Metre (with centre spacer strut)
PE0206 6 Metre (with centre spacer strut)
PE0290 End piece
PE0293 Centre space strut & claw clamps


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The 2-bar feed barrier is ideal for beef cattle as there is no restriction in relation to neck width which can be problematic with Diagonal barriers.
The 2-bar feed rail is adjustable by rotation. This ensures the barrier can be suited to both young and matured stock.
The barrier can withstand high levels of pressure due to its heavy-duty construction; this ensures it can withstand the environment in a beef cattle shed.
The barrier has 1 metre of adjustability, this ensures we can guarantee to have a 2-bar feed rail to suit your space.


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Find answers to common questions

What is the Two-Bar Fattening Feed Rail, and where is it best suited for use?
The Two-Bar Fattening Feed Rail is designed for use in beef buildings, providing an efficient feeding solution for fattening cattle. Its design is tailored to meet the specific requirements of beef farming environments.
What size options are available for the Two-Bar Fattening Feed Rail?
The Two-Bar Fattening Feed Rail comes in sizes ranging from 3m to 6m, providing flexibility to suit various beef building configurations and herd sizes.
How are the ends of the feed rail adjustable, and what is their diameter?
The ends of the feed rail are adjustable and feature a telescopic 114mm round tube. This adjustability allows for customisation to accommodate different cattle sizes and feeding preferences.
Can the Two-Bar Fattening Feed Rail be fitted at an angle for better cattle access to feed?
Yes, the feed barrier can be fitted at an angle, providing cattle with better access to feed. This feature enhances the feeding experience and ensures optimal consumption.
How is extra support provided for longer lengths of feed rails?
A center space strut is used to provide extra support for the longer lengths of feed rails. This design feature ensures stability and durability, especially in larger beef building setups.
What is the best option for underneath?
The most robust option is a concrete wall however wooden planks are also used.
Are they in stock?
Teemore prides itself on its extensive and well-stocked inventory, strategically positioned in both the United Kingdom and Ireland. With a robust supply chain, we ensure ample availability of our products, meeting the demands of our valued customers across these regions. Our commitment to maintaining a large stock allows us to promptly cater to the diverse needs of the agricultural community, providing reliable access to top-quality solutions for livestock management.
Where can I get a price?
For prices, please contact our offices on +44 (0) 28 677 48377.
Do you offer delivery?
Teemore extends its convenient delivery service throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland, ensuring accessibility to our quality products right at your doorstep. While larger orders often enjoy complimentary delivery, smaller orders may incur a modest delivery charge, the amount of which depends on your specific location. This approach allows us to cater to the varying needs of our customers, providing a flexible and efficient delivery solution tailored to your order size and geographical location.


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