2 & 3 Metre Creep Feeder

The Jourdain creep feeder is available in the 2 and 3 metre widths. This unique design of meal hopper with a separate hinged penning system offering flexibility for creep feeding calves or larger beef animals.

  • 550/750kg capacity, with fully hinged lid for easy fill
  • Four width adjustable calf access points
  • Pen can be raised or removed for feeding larger animals
  • Deep trough to avoid spillages
  • Adjustable flap to regulate flow


A calf creep feeder is a device that allows calves to access feed while excluding adult cows. It is designed to provide supplemental feed to calves in a safe and controlled environment, encouraging them to eat more and grow faster

The Jourdain creep feeder is the ideal solution to feeding suckler calves and youngstock separately from the herd, with its adjustable creep gate. The creep feeders are available in 2m and 3m. This creep offers adaptability for feeding cattle as the creep gate is removable, allowing for ad-lib feeding. The capacity for each feeder is 550/750kg (2m/3m). The creep includes a deep trough and bird flaps as standard ensuring feed wastage is minimum. The feed flap is adjustable to allow adaptability of feed flow. Three-point linkage is also included for ease of movement. The product is full galvanised to ensure high quality finish and long life.


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Application Dimensions Net Weight
Best used in fields, can be used inside. Can purchase dropper on its own 2200mm x 3150 mm x 1370mm / 3000mm x 3150mm x 1370mm 345.5 kg


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The creep entrances are adjustable in order for the farmer to decide what size of calf gets access to the feeder.
The creep entrance barrier is removable to allow access to all cattle.
Deep troughs prevent spillage and waste, can ensure birds aren’t attracted to the feeder.
Bird flaps as standard, again to prevent birds from being attracted and steal the meal.


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