16mm Delta Diam Rubber Rolls

Delta Diam rubber flooring is perfect for shed passageways, parlours and holding areas. It is a rubber flooring composed of a non-slip; diamond pattern, surface, combined with grooves to facilitate liquid run-off to a central channel.

  • Textile inlay to stabilise the rubber
  • Ideal for cow walkways
  • Improves mobility
  • Reduces lameness
  • Available to order in a size to suit your parlour


The non-slip design ensures the safety of the cows and handler when moving cattle through facilities

Thanks to its non-slip surface, Delta Diam 16 ensures faster, more serene, and painless movement for your cows. Composed of grooves on the entire surface of the rubber flooring, you ensure good hygiene by the automatic evacuation of liquids.

Delta Diam 16 improves circulation in the barn and increases the time spent at the headlocks. As it is a soft rubber it protects the joints, it reduces the problems of lameness, and injuries in the event of a fall.


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Thickness Length Width Warranty
16 mm (0.63″) Custom made Custom made 10 years
*Mandatory installation assistance.


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The Delta Diam is a continuous roll of rubber. This reduces the number of joints visible in the flooring which therefore reduces the number of bacteria getting caught
Custom made lengths. Width is a function of manageable weight (3 tons max.).
Compatible with any scraper method.
Non-slip; diamond pattern, surface, combined with grooves to facilitate liquid run-off to a central channel.


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