120mm x 120mm Box Post

Teemore Engineering presents the 120mm x 120mm Box Post – a compact yet sturdy solution for your construction needs. Built to last and crafted with precision, this box post offers unmatched strength and reliability for agricultural fencing, structural support, and more. Choose Teemore Engineering for excellence in every project

  • manufactured with welded on lugs, pin and chain design
  • he box post is crafted from high-quality materials
  • The box post is engineered to withstand outdoor conditions
  • Its adaptable nature simplifies integration into a variety of construction and agricultural settings


Manufactured by Teemore engineering, known for innovative and durable solutions

The Teemore Engineering 120mm x 120mm Box Post is a robust and functional component designed to meet the demands of various construction and agricultural applications. With a square profile of 120mm x 120mm, this box post offers substantial structural support and stability.

Crafted with attention to detail, the box post is engineered from high-quality materials, ensuring its durability and ability to withstand the rigors of outdoor environments. Its solid construction makes it an ideal choice for applications such as agricultural fencing, livestock enclosures, and structural frameworks.

The 120mm x 120mm Box Post’s versatility is a key highlight. It serves as a foundational element for various projects, accommodating different attachment methods and load-bearing requirements. Its square shape allows for uniform weight distribution and secure fastening, enhancing its suitability for supporting heavy loads.

In agricultural settings, this box post proves its worth as a reliable option for perimeter fencing. Its sturdy composition adds a layer of security and containment, ensuring the protection of livestock and property. Similarly, for construction projects that necessitate robust supports, this box post offers a dependable solution for creating frameworks and load-bearing structures.

Teemore Engineering’s dedication to quality is evident in every aspect of this box post’s design and fabrication. Whether you’re building, fencing, or erecting structures, the 120mm x 120mm Box Post stands as a testament to durability and functionality, promising enduring performance across a range of applications.


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120mm x 120mm Box Posts

Code Size (metres)
TR4180 120 x 120 Box Post – Plain
TR4182 120 x 120 Box Post – 1-Directional
TR4184 120 x 120 Box Post – 2-Directional
TR4186 120 x 120 Box Post – 3-Directional
TR4188 120 x 120 Box Post – 4-Directional
TR4190 120 x 120 Box Post – 2-Directional Corner

120mm x 120mm Box Post Extras

Code Size (metres)
TR4192 120 x 120 Box Post Socket
TR4193 120 x 120 Box Post Cap


Explore the unique advantages our products provide.

Exceptional Stability: The sturdy square profile of the box post ensures a solid foundation, contributing to enhanced stability and support for structures, fencing, and other applications. This stability minimises the risk of structural failure over time.
Longevity and Durability: Crafted from high-quality materials and engineered for resilience, the box post is built to withstand the tests of time and harsh environmental conditions. Its durability translates into a longer lifespan and reduced maintenance needs.
Adaptable Design: The versatile nature of the box post makes it suitable for a wide array of projects. Whether you’re setting up agricultural enclosures or constructing load-bearing frameworks, the box post’s adaptability simplifies its integration into various applications.
Reduced Installation Effort: The design of the box post, with its secure attachment points and straightforward installation methods, streamlines the setup process. This not only saves time during installation but also ensures consistent and reliable results, contributing to overall project efficiency.


Find answers to common questions

What is the 120mm x 120mm Box Post used for?
The 120mm x 120mm Box Post is a versatile structural component used in various construction and agricultural applications. It’s commonly employed for creating stable frameworks, and enclosing livestock areas.
Can the box post be used for load-bearing structures?
Yes, the 120mm x 120mm Box Post is designed to offer robust support, making it suitable for load-bearing applications when cemented in the ground. Its sturdy construction and uniform weight distribution contribute to its capacity to handle heavy loads.
Is the box post easy to install?
Absolutely. The box post features a design that simplifies installation. It includes secure attachment points, allowing for efficient setup in various projects. This not only saves time but also ensures consistent and dependable results.
Is the box post resistant to rust and corrosion?
Yes, the box post is engineered to withstand outdoor conditions, including exposure to moisture and other corrosive elements. Its corrosion-resistant properties enhance its durability and longevity.


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